Winter 2015-2016 Ridge Lines Newsletter in PDF

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Trip Reports, September – December 2015 (updated 11/25/2015)

11/21/2015 – Mansfield via Halfway House/ Laura Cowles
I’d been tracking the weather the previous few days and it was WINDY! atop Mansfield, Continue reading

Outings for November 2015

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Outings for December 2015

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Jennifer Pharr Davis: My Ongoing Love Affair with the Appalachian Trail

Jennifer Pharr Davis’s talk Wednesday, September 23, was given to a packed house. Continue reading

Ridgelines correction: Black bears & brown bears

Maeve says: There was an error in the September issue of Ridge Lines that could prove fatal to hikers! Continue reading

Trip Reports, May – August 2015 (updated 8/30/2015)

8/29/15 Worcester Ridge
David, Wes, and Amanda met at the Richmond Park & Ride at 8:30 and drove together to the Middlesex Trail trailhead, Continue reading