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Materials for trip leaders to use in preparing for outings

Trip Ideas for Fall

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Trip Ideas for Summer

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Trip Ideas for Spring

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Outing Signup, Description & Report (for trip leaders and want-to-be trip leaders)

Interested in leading a GMC Burlington Section trip. Its easy! Let me know.

Outing Signup Sheet
This is a generic “trip sign up sheet” that can be used by GMC Burlington section trip leaders if needed. Use this to record the names, etc. those participating in your trip.(PDF file)

Outing Description Form
This is the “outing description” form to be used when submitting your upcoming outings to the Outings Chair. (MS Word Document – this may automatically download into a folder on your computer. Or try right-click – save as.)

If you cannot open the above document, just copy and paste this template below into an email and send to the Outing Chair or to me.


Outing Date
Outing Title
Outing Type – (hike, snowshoe, ski, boating, etc)
Outing Leader(s)
Leader phone
Leader Email
Distance Round Trip
Total Elevation Gain
Difficulty Rating – (Easy, Moderate, Difficult – select one)
Easy – < 5 miles, <1000’ elevation gain;
Moderate – 5-8 miles, 8miles, >2400’ elevation gain
Difficult – > 8miles, >2400’ elevation gain
Trip Pace – Leisurely, Moderate, Strong – select one – moderate assumed if not stated)
Call in advance? – (Y/N)
Group Size Limit – (if there is one)
Advance Registration Date – (if there is one)
OK to publish in newspapers (Y/N) and Long Trail News? – (Y/N)
Describe Outing for Ridge Lines – (perhaps 10-20 words)
E-mail to Paul Houchens:

Outing Report
Please format your outing reports like this. To sumbit your report, please paste it into any comment (“Post a Reply”) section on any page of this website. Or, email it to These will be posted under ‘Trip Reports” as they are received.

Sample Report

    11/7/10 Little River History Loop
    This walk in Little River State Park (part of Mt. Mansfield State Forest) at the Waterbury Reservoir, was a blast. We walked past abandoned settlements, overgrown roads cemeteries and old farm sites. We had lunch at an old grave site. It is an easy hike about 3.5 miles, 900’ elevation gain. A good family outing. (This walk is written up on page 172 of your GMC 50 Hikes in Vermont – 6th edition). Showing maximum disrespect for their toiling trip leader, the photo below (taken by Uncle Phil hazen) shows trip participants watching a squirrel chewing a nut, while Ted read an educational passage about the abandoned farmhouse just behind them. Bob Stahl, Nate Eastman, Kathy Adams, Phil hazen, Dot Myer, Rute Hare, Shirley Coffin, Lenore Budd, and trip leader, Ted Albers.

Make your reports as long as you want! Provide details that will help inform hikers and future trip leaders. Email photos to me and I will post them: