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The GMC Burlington Section posts profiles, news and information about our members, past and present.

A Short History of the Green Mountain Club

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The Wisdom of Roy Buchanan, continued…

The Wisdom of Roy Buchanan – cont.
In our Fall 2009 issue, we featured some of Daan Zwick’s memories about Roy Buchanan, the first director of the Long Trail Patrol. Here’s what Daan sent us about building an igloo with Roy – just in time for winter! Continue reading

Memories of a Section Veep

It was 1978. We were rebuilding Taylor Lodge, which had burned down the year before. Continue reading

Clem Holden and Herm Hoffman: Shelter Adopter Profiles

Every one of the Green Mountain Club’s shelters, lodges and tenting areas has an adopter. Continue reading

The Wisdom of Roy Buchanan

In 1931, the Green Mountain Club formed the Long Trail Patrol and appointed Roy O. Buchanan as its director. Continue reading

Lost On Mount Mansfield – January 1940

In January of 1940 Larry Dean, who was probably the most active of the Burlington Section members and a dedicated scoutmaster, led a group of boy scouts on a winter hike to Taft Lodge. Continue reading

Bushwhack: Caught in a Winter ‘Spruce Trap’ (and how to save yourself!)

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Igloo Camping – Dot Myer

One winter the Burlington section decided to build an igloo and camp in it. Continue reading

The Highest May Not Be the Hardest – by Dot Myer

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Trip Leader Profile: Dot Myer

By Valerie Wilkins
Dot welcomed me into her home on a chilly Sunday afternoon in January 2009. As we were settling in for the interview, I was immediately drawn to the collages of pictures on the living room walls. Continue reading

Winter Peakbaggers By Phil Hazen

The word is not even in the dictionary, but ask a few Burlington Section members and they may say with a sly smile, “Yeah, I’m one of them.” Continue reading

Lost on Bolton Mountain: ‘The lostest I have ever been.’

By Daan Zwick: This is the story of the lostest I have ever been. Continue reading

Trip Leader Profile: Robynn Albert

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Lost on Mt. Mansfield? Share the Story!

Have you been Lost on Mt. Mansfield? David has! Continue reading

Recollections From a Reader….

The Summer 2008 issue of Ridge Lines included Daan Zwick’s recollections of hiking in the Mt. Mansfield area while he was caretaker at Taft Lodge in 1940. Continue reading

Trip Leader Profile: Linda Evans

By Valerie Wilkins
Linda Evans loves to be involved with the Green Mountain Club – whether it’s leading hikes, volunteering at the GMC headquarters in Waterbury, being a Summit Steward on Mt. Mansfield during the summer months or serving as Secretary and Shelter Coordinator for the Burlington Section. She’s done all this in a relatively short time – since June of 1998 when she renewed her membership in the club. Continue reading

Burlington Section Trip Leader Profile: Pete Saile

We’re starting a new now-and-then feature to help readers get to know Burlington Section members who lead many hikes. We are starting with Pete Saile, written by Valerie Wilkins. Continue reading

Tales from the Trails: Burlington Section Member Daan Zwick

In the March issue of Ridge Lines, we asked for tales about hiking in Vermont’s always changeable and frequently challenging weather. Here’s a story from long-time Burlington Section member Daan Zwick. Continue reading

Papa’s Hardtack Provides Energy and Nourishment and Lasts Forever!

Trail Recipe By Maeve Kim Continue reading

GMC Burlington Section History (PDF document)

This file is an 80 page document describing the history of the GMC Burlington Section from 1910 to 1999. I suggest you right-click to ‘save-as’ this file to your hard drive. GMC Burlington Section History 1910-1999 (2 MB PDF file) Do you have anything to add to the GMC History. Email:

John Brown Remembered….

Long-time hiker and GMC volunteer John Brown died last May. John made a big impression on everyone who met him. Here are some personal memories from Burlington Section members, and a few facts about his life. Continue reading