Mud Season is here!

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Map and Compass Fundamentals workshop

On Tuesday evening, April 18th, Burlington Section’s Phil Hazen conducted a map and compass workshop at EMS in South Burlington. Continue reading

Volunteer opportunity at Barnes Camp this summer

Originally built by Willis Barnes in 1910 as a logging camp, Continue reading

Outings for April 2017

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Trip reports – January-April, 2017 (updated 4/15/2017)

4/15/2017 – Young Adventurers Club – Green Mountain Audubon Center, Huntington
We met at the Visitor’s Center and took Hires Trail through the woods, carrying a special leaf from the parking lot up to its place of honor in the crook of a tree at the ‘top of the mountain.’ We stopped along the way to try out our yoga tree pose, move logs off the trail, peer inside woodpecker holes and to enjoy some snacks, of course. A turkey vulture called and circled overhead as we rested at the overlook, then we explored the Forest Camp playground of forts, campfires, kitchen utensils and hanging sparkly ornaments. The spring weather brought clouds but 60 degree temps, and the wind picked up at the end, signaling the coming rainstorm. Participants for our hour-and-a-half long journey: Karen, Jim, Nathan and Aiden; and Aaron, Michelle (trip leaders) and Brendan.

3/26/2017 – Cross Country Ski at Little River
Conditions were mercifully slow
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