This hike was double-billed as a GMC Burlington section hike and a Vermont State Parks First Day hike. As part of their 100 year anniversary celebration, the Vermont State Parks folks sent me some nice knit hats to hand out to participants, and since I set a limit of 10 participants, that’s how many hats I got. I almost always have some meetup no-shows or last minute cancellations, so I followed the airline model and intentionally overbooked by one. And everyone showed up! Since the limit was somewhat arbitrary this wasn’t a problem for the hike, and since one person didn’t want a hat those numbers cam out right too. We all met at 10 AM at the Underhill center commuter lot, drove in several cars up to the Stevensville trailhead, and after introductions, started up the trail around 10:20. It was around 25 F and overcast, but with recent warm weather there was no appreciable snow, so we left snowshoes behind. Most folks put on microspikes right away, and by the time we reached Butler Lodge everyone (except me) was wearing them. The trail was a mix of wet patches, bare spots of mud and rock, old crusty snow, and ice. We had a couple people who needed to be back by 1 who charged ahead, and headed down before the last of the rest of us arrived at Butler Lodge around 12:20. It was around 15 F with enough breeze to make it chilly to sit outside, so everyone was in the lodge when I arrived with last group. The sign outside the shelter asking people to remove snowshoes and crampons was covered with rime ice and unreadable, so some folks had gone in wearing their microspikes, and I asked them to remove them or not move around to reduce additional wear on the floor. We had lunch and headed down around 12:45 and reached the car around 2:30. Overall a nice hike to start out the new year. Participants: Helena Nicolay, Andrea Colnes, Susan Lipkin, Greg Bostock, Mary Lou, Juliet, Brian, Justin, Phil, Tom Tefft, Sailor (dog), David Hathaway (leader). Photos: David, Tom, Susan.