There was one cancellation that morning. I picked up one hiker in Burlington at 6 AM and we drove to the Richmond Park and Ride to meet up with 4 other hikers. When the 6 of us were all accounted for we carpooled to the Beaver Meadow Trailhead in Morristown VT. The dirt road to the trailhead was in good condition. When we arrived at the parking lot we greeted 3 other hikers. It was a cold day with a temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit when we started. However, it was a beautiful sunny day with little wind. We commenced the hike at 8 AM after introductions. The snow was unexpectedly deep considering the rain we got in Burlington just two days prior. The trail was already broken in so we did not have to wear snowshoes until we reached the VAST snowmobile trail. At the crossing of the snowmobile trail we put on our snowshoes and continued. One of the hikers decided to turn around at the snowmobile trail because they did not want to snowshoe. I find it a little bizarre for one to join a hike that was planned specifically for snowshoeing (and clearly stated so multiple times) with no intention to snowshoe! But hey to each their own. The group went on ahead of me as I had to stay with a hiker who was struggling immensely. At mile 1 into the hike, this hiker could not continue any longer. This was the hiker I picked up in Burlington so I ended my hike to drive him back. I ran ~0.25 miles up the trail to reach some members of the group to tell them I had to abandon the hike. The group was in good hands, however. David, one of the hikers who joined us, was not only an experienced hiker but also an experienced mountaineer. The descent back to the parking lot was uneventful. And that concluded my day. I received communications after the hike from the hikers who completed the hike. This was one of the notes one of the hikers sent: “I continued with Mary, Cathy, and David, and those three wound up breaking trail for the last mile or so to the lodge. Tom joined us just a few minutes after we arrived and told us what had happened with the rest of the group, and the five of us ate and walked down together.” Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (trip leader, sort of!!!), Mira Geffner, David Golubock, Tom Tefft, Malabika Das, Fred Royce, Cathy Tilley, Mary Pierce, and Rachel Kane.