At 10:30am a group of three adults and two children started down the Russell Greene trail in
Georgia, VT. It was a cold day and everyone was bundled tight, even if they didn’t want to be.
The group decided to take the wetland trail and was eager to see some boardwalks and bridges.
After about fifteen minutes the littlest member was taken back to their car. At six months she
wasn’t walking and it was hard tell how cold she might be. Two adults and a three year
continued through the frozen wetland. In about five minutes, after a stop for a snack, our little
hiker stated he was cold. He and dad started back to the car. I attempted to finish the trail but
found the bridge crossing the stream had washed out and was perpendicular to the shore in the
middle of the stream. I decided the ice wasn’t strong enough for a crossing and called it a day. It
was a short hike for all participants.