Three of us met at 5:00 AM in the South Burlington Starbucks parking lot to carpool to the trailhead. We left around 5:15 AM and picked up David at the Vergennes Amtrak Station and headed to the Adirondacks. We made it to the Cascade Mountain Trail parking lot around 7:10 AM and started our ascent at 7:15 AM. It was 19 degrees Fahrenheit, overcast, and misty. The ascent to Cascade mountain was steep and icy but manageable without microspikes. Three of the four of us were able to ascend without spikes. There was a fresh layer of snow that had fallen, coating the trees in a white blanket. Despite the overcast and grey weather, the winter wonderland vibe of the trail provided a lot of beauty. The summit of Cascade Mountain (4072’) was socked-in and there were no views. However, there wasn’t much wind which made it tolerable. We descended back down to the junction of the Cascade and Porter Mountain Trails and stopped for a snack. David brought and shared some delicious Ghirardelli chocolate. We descended ~300 ft down to the col after our snack. We all decided to put on our spikes after two of us (including the trip leader) slipped and fell on our behinds. We ascended Porter Mountain (4068’) in quick time. Again, there were no views, but there was also little wind. We stayed at the summit of Porter Mountain for a bit to eat and drink. We descended back down the Porter Mountain trail to the Cascade Mountain trail and back to the parking lot. Trail conditions were icy but manageable with spikes. In total, we hiked 6 miles with 2300 ft of elevation gain in 4 hrs 30 minutes (moving time was 3 hrs 20 minutes). Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader), Justin Bennett, Clayton Cameron, and David McColgin.