Street and Nye mountains were placed on hold in favor of Wright and Algonquin Peaks due to reports of a dangerous brook crossing on the Indian Pass Brook one mile into the trail. Virginia hailing from Saratoga NY was the only person to show up for the hike after an avalanche of cancellations. Virginia and I must have passed each other multiple times in front of the Adirondack Information Center without recognizing one another as it took 20 minutes to meet. But we eventually found each other! We decided to do Street and Nye after all once we received confirmation from the information center that the brook crossing had become safe to pass. It was ~ 45 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast. The two of us departed from the parking lot at 7:30 AM taking the Indian Pass Trail which merged into the Street and Nye Ski Trail. The Street and Nye trail is unmaintained so it was not in great shape and difficult to follow at times, but overall, in better shape than either of us thought it would be. Lots of downed trees, narrow pine tree corridors that scrape up the arms, and lots of mud. LOTS of mud! The water crossing at the Indian Pass Brook was a little sketchy with all the slippery rock, but the water was shallow enough that we could rock hop across. Virginia lost one of her trekking poles to the current of the water, but we recovered it a little further downstream as it had caught onto the root system of a downed tree. With all poles back in possession we continued onwards. We lost the trail once and had to bushwack back to it. The excursion only took ~10 minutes. We made it to the trail junction between Street and Nye mountains around 11:00 AM and stopped for a snack. We continued up Nye Mountain which is only ~1/5 of a mile away from the trail junction. Nye mountain did not have any views at the summit and was quite muddy. There were some views slightly below the summit, but it was mostly obstructed by trees. We went back down to the trail junction and forged our way towards Street Mountain. Again, the trail was muddy and slippery, but it was also quite steep and required some scrambling near the summit. Like Nye, the summit of Street Mountain had no views, but there was a good view further from the summit by following a foot path that had been made by previous hikers. We ate lunch with a couple from Albany NY at the viewpoint. The descent was slow, as it was slippery from the mud, wet roots, and wet leaves on rock. We crossed the brook further downstream on the way back at a safer and easier point. We made it back to the parking lot around 5:30 pm, having covered 10.3 miles with 2800 ft of elevation gain. Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader) and Virginia from Saratoga NY.