Five humans and one canine named Sugar (leashed and wearing an orange vest for the hunters) met in the Richmond Park and Ride at 6:30 AM to carpool to the top of Camel’s Hump Road in the parking lot by the Burrows trailhead. There we met 5 other people who were waiting in the lot including two new people to the GMC. Hunters carrying rifles passed by us before we started our trek. We set off to the Forest City connector to the Forest City Trail at 7:15 AM. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit, humid, icy, and everything was covered in a beautiful layer of fresh snow (~3 inches). The trail conditions were slippery, icy, and snowy which made the ascent difficult and many hikers put on spikes to make it easier. We reached the trail junction between Forest City and the Long Trail after passing by Montclair Glen Lodge. At the junction we stopped to talk with a hunter who was carrying a rifle. We continued south on the Long Trail and reached Mount Ethan Allen around 9:00 AM. Before reaching Ira Allen Peak two of the hikers departed from the group to return to the parking lot. Contact was made with the two hikers after and they made it down safely. We continued onward passing Ira Allen Peak without realizing. There is long descent from Mount Ethan Allen to Ira Allen Peak and to the col of Burnt Rock before ascending to Burnt Rock. We came upon a ladder on the ascent to Burnt Rock. It was tricky coming off the ladder onto the ledge due to small footholds covered in slick ice. We all made it up including Sugar the hound, who was bear-hugged and carried up the ladder by Phil Mosenthal. Before reaching the summit of Burnt rock we scaled a steep, icy section which fortunately had a long, knotted rope we could hold onto. After stopping to eat, which included the sharing of blueberry-raspberry Oreos from Japan, we descended the way we came. The ladder proved difficult for Sugar the hound on the descent, and after some unsuccessful attempts, she was able to get down with some nudging encouragement and the strong grasp Phil Mosenthal. We ascended back up Ira Allen and Ethan Allen, and descended back to Forest City and back to the parking lot. We made it back to the lot at ~3:15 pm, having covered 10.3 miles with 3440 ft of elevation gain, and with 18 Oreos consumed. Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader), Nancy Kahn, Robynn Albert, Kelly Lavallee, Jim, Clayton Cameron, Phil Mosenthal, Seamus, Sabrina, and Sugar the happy hound.