Two of us met at 6:00 AM in the South Burlington Price Chopper parking lot to carpool to the trailhead. We arrived at the Battell Trail parking lot around 7:00 AM to meet two other hikers. The four of us began the ascent up the Battell trail at 7:05 AM. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and humid. After climbing the Battell trail we took the Long Trail North to the summit of Mt. Abraham. The section of the Long Trail to the summit of Mt. Abe is a steep scramble. Both the Long Trail and Battell Trail had muddy sections, some patchy ice, and some slick rocks/roots with a very thin layer of frost. There were no views at the summit and it was windy. We continued on the Long Trail passing Lincoln Peak, Nancy Hanks Peak, and Cutts Peak finally ending on Mt. Ellen. There were no views on the summit of Mt. Ellen. We ate lunch in the ski lift operator booth to take shelter from the strong and bitterly cold wind. While in the booth we tried some strawberry-flavored Japanese Oreos and regular Oreos. We went back the same way we came stopping at the downed airplane before the ascent back to Mt. Abe. The descent off Mt. Abe was treacherous as it was steep and slick. We made it back to the lot at ~3:10 pm, having covered 12.8 miles with 4045 ft of elevation gain, and with 7 Oreos consumed. Trail conditions were muddy. There were two downed trees on the Long Trail that were awkward to get over. Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader), Phil Mosenthal, Dave Seissen, and David Golubock.