At 10:00am a group of three entered the 100 Acre Wood on an overcast day with a chill in the
air. A muddy incline was conquered before finding the trail head where we veered right to
begin the 2.2 mile loop. The trail continued to be muddy in sections. The youngest participant,
aged 9, found a sturdy stick and began vaulting over the muddy areas. We continued a gradual
but steady accent to the trail junction where we began our decent to the parking area. The
second portion of the loop felt less traveled and in a few spots we had to work to avoid
The group decided, despite wet feet and chilly hands, to continue back up the loop and take the
blue trail. The blue trail was constructed by the Youth Conservation Corp and was much less
muddy. This trail feels more like a traditional trail, and not an old logging road, meaning we had
to pay more attention. We had to backtrack once to find the blue blazes.
Along the way we found sticks that were wands, trees that were giant snails, a hollow log, and a
gateway to another world.
Corinn Julow, leader