Five of us met at the Charlotte ferry to catch the first boat out at 7:00 AM to make our way to the Jay Mountain trailhead in the Adirondacks. Upon arrival we met up with another who was joining us from New York and we were on our way shortly after 8:00 AM.

The hike across Jay Mountain and Jay Benchmark is about 8 miles, and by Adirondack standards, fairly easy. Today was no different, but we had the added bonus of patchy snow, ice, mud and persistent drizzle and fog. Views were intermittent and minimal, but we got lucky occasionally which is nice because the walk across the ridge is wide open and offers some impressive views in the right conditions.

We saw few others on our hike as the weather was likely a deterrent today. That said it was still a pleasant outing. We were back at the trailhead by around 2:15 and the Vermonters in attendance quickly departed in order to catch the 3:30 ferry back to Charlotte.

Participants: Liana Edwards, Julie Cimonetti, Virginia, Andrew Chalnick, Dave Seissen and Chris Luczynski (Trip Leader).