Outings for September, 2020 (new trips added on 9/20!)

Be aware of special guidelines for hikes during the COVID-19 pandemic. All trip participants must register with their trip leader in advance, acknowledging that they have read, understood, and agree to follow the new GMC outings guidelines (here), and must provide their phone number and email in case of a later need for contact tracing.

9/5/2020 – Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Bike Ride
Starting from Jeffersonville we’ll bicycle the Lamoille Valley Rail trail to Route 15A in Morrisville. A fairly long ride, but with very easy grades. Moderate bicycle. Moderate pace. 35 miles. Group limit 10. Sign up by 8/28. Dale Schmit, dtschmit@gmail.com, 920-850-3744.

9/7/2020 – Mount Grant via Cooley Glen Trail
We’ll head up Cooley Glen Trail, then follow the Long Trail north to the summit of Mount Grant and return. Moderate to difficult hike, 8 miles, 2200′ elevation gain. Moderate to strong pace. Group size limit 10. Sign up by 9/3. Dale Schmit, dtschmit@gmail.com, 920-850-3744.

9/19/2020 – Taft Lodge 100th Anniversary Hikes
We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Taft Lodge on Saturday, September 19, with hikes from Barnes Camp to Taft Lodge in the morning and afternoon. More details on the day’s other events here. Moderate hike, 4 miles, 2050 feet elevation gain. Limit of 10 per group. Pre-registration required by Thursday, September 17 (provide name, contact phone number and email, and confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to follow the GMC COVID-era outing guidelines). Contact David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com.

9/27/2020 – Worcester Mountain
This hike is full.
We will climb the Worcester Mountain Trail to the summit of Worcester Mountain and return. Moderate hike at a moderate pace. 5 miles, 1500 ‘ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Sign up by 9/24. Dale Schmit, dtschmit@gmail.com, 920-850-3744.

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