Trip Reports 2004

Try Snowshoeing!
January 24, 2004
Brynne Lazarus
8 Participants. Temperatures in the single digits on either side of zero didn’t stop four brave souls, two of them new to snowshoeing, from venturing out into the woods. Our “Easy” hike on the Nebraska Notch Trail became “Difficult” when we decided to follow the Clara Bow Trail the last .4 miles to Taylor Lodge. We enjoyed sunshine, views, cashews, and chocolate, and pondered what to do about chilly posteriors — “just like two blocks of ice!” (though no one knew of anyone who had lost them to frostbite).

Wind Gap
Jan 25, 2004
Pat Collier
4 Participants. With below zero temperatures, we opted to shorten this hike. We went no farther than Hump Brook tent site, then down thorugh the valley, and returned to the winter parking area on the Ridley Brook X-C trail. In spite of the cold conditions, we had fun. Barbara was in the lead for much of the trip. She is from Windsor and is in the Ottaquechee Section. Participants: Dot Myer, Rachel Moulton, Barbara Rhoad, Pat Collier.

Duck Brook
January 31, 2004
Dot Myer
7 Participants. Originally scheduled for Appalachian Gap but we only had one car with snow tires and decided we shouldn’t try to go up there. Participants: Anneliese Koenig, Paul Montane, Jennifer Sherwood, Rachel Moulton, Mary Keenan, Pat Collier, Dot Myer

XC Ski Cotton Brook Trail
February 14, 2004
Chris Hanna
9 Participants. Perfect temperature, snow conditions and good hearted people combined to make one of the most rewarding trips I have ever led or co-led.

Bear Mountain
Feb 15, 2004
Pat Collier
Participants: After hiking about 2 miles on trail, we attempted the mile bushwack to Bear Mountain. We turned back and continued on trail to Tubmill Marsh. Molly and her son Jesse enjoyed the outing. This was their first hike with a club. Participants: Dot Myer, Jesse Otis, Molly Flint, Pat Collier.

Stowe Pinnacle
February 22, 2004
Dot Myer
6 Participants. This trip went to Prospect Rock rather than Stowe Pinnacle. We made the mistake of following snowshoe tracks instead of looking for blazes. So we had a great time wandering around in the woods on very good snow, without ever reaching the top! We did go back eventually and find the correct trail, but since I had promised a short hike some people were ready to go home, so we did. Participants: Mary Keenen, Rachel Moulton, Andrea Chong, Joan Wallace, Dot Myer, Liz (sorry I didn’t get her last name).

Mt. Ellen
March 27, 2004
Phil Schlosser
11 Participants. The day started foggy and damp for this late winter/early spring snowshoe hike. The weather slowly improved as we made our way to the ridge via the Jerusalem Trail. We had occasional views as we followed the Long Trail. One member was not hitting on all cylinders and returned to the trailhead with the trip leader. The rest of the group was left under the capable leadership of Phil Hazen. Following the trip leader’s strict instructions to stay on the Long Trail and not go up the ski slopes, the rest of the group successfully reached the summit. Participants: Kathy Adams, Brenda Chioffi, Lane Dunn, Phil Hazen, Herm Hoffman, Anneliese Koenig , John Mitchelides, Rachel Moulton, Phil Schlosser, Joel Tilley.

Burnt Rock Mountain
April 9, 2004
Pete Saile
10 Participants. Weather forecast was for overcast, slight chance of precip … NOT … 10 of us headed into the woods on bare ground. None too soon we were on bare snow – lots of it from about 2000 feet and higher. Truly an international expedition, we had representatives from Germany, Canada via Russia and a very enthusiastic, bear-loving Texan. Oh yes, and a most mellow, non-barking dog. Ask Wendy Savoie about that one. Lunch on the rocks near the top. On top – Spectacular views in all directions! Binocs brought distant peaks even closer, almost to the touch. Great day out and nice way to begin the weekend. Hail Friday hikes!! Burnt Rock Mtn. – Elev 3168 – a virtual jewel in the crown. Participants: Ken Antonich, John Brown, Pat Collier, Dot Myer, Anneliese Koenig, Doug King, Wendy Savoie, Victoria Davidov.

Black Mountain and Ponds
April 24, 2004
Pat Collier
11 Participants: The sky, the surroundings, and hikers enthusiasm made this day special. In spite of the racket from the summit windmill, we enjoyed the views of Lake George and its mountains, Adirondack High Peaks, and Green Mountains. Descending part way down the Lake Trail, we circled around by the several ponds back to the trailhead. A fun day with a great group of people and one dog. Participants: Carolyn Elliot, Dot Myer, Pete Daigle, Rachel Moulton, Eric Wales, Amy Wise, Cipperly Good, Pat Collier, Sharon Koh, Wendy Savoie.

Monastery and Philadelphia Peaks
April 25, 2004
Phil Schlosser
7 Participants. We were greeted with a beautiful spring day for this bushwacking adventure. We followed a high quality logging road a good distance up Philadelphia Peak. From there we took turns following the compass as we made our way over Philadelphia Peak and on to the two summits of Monastery Mountain. The open woods, occasional patches of snow and leafless trees made for great spring day in the forest. Participants: Ben Gordesky, Phil Hazen, Dave Rossouw, Karen Rossouw, Phil Schlosser, Jim Talbot, Eric Wales.

Wildflower Walk
May 1, 2004
Carol Chapman
13 Participants. Two days of record-breaking temperatures brought forth a profusion of wildflowers for our May 1st walk at Niquette Bay State Park. Thirteen people eagerly searched for different species along the wooded trails. Most numerous were white trillium, bloodroot, spring beauty, wild ginger and pink, white and blue hepatica, but we identified many others, including large flowered bellwort, blue cohosh, and miterwort, a total of fifteen species in bloom. Unusual morel mushrooms, wrinkled like brain tissue, were growing beside the trail near the bay. We found the usual Vermont woodland ferns as well as two tiny ferns we couldn’t identify, one with a red stem. A group from UVM, studying ferns in the park, had unfortunately passed by when we needed them. Multiple eyes for spotting, many minds for discussing, and a variety of guidebooks for verifying made for a lovely time. Participants: Brenda Bergstrom, Olga Unaua, Joy Pashby, Carlene Squires, Daniel Stein, Judith Stein, Gabriel Stein, Carol Chapman.

Spring Trail Work
May 2, 2004
Pam Gillis and John Sharp
8 participants. We cleared the Long Trail from Jonesville to Bolton Notch Rd. It was a very nice day and we ended it with snacks at Bolton Notch Rd. cars. Participants: leaders, Dot Myer, John Brown, Phil Hazen, Phil Schlosser, Sue Girouard

Spring Trail Work
May 8, 2004
Pam Gillis and John Sharp
8 participants. We cleared the Long Trail from Bolton Notch Rd. to Buchannan Lodge. It was a very nice day and we ended it with snacks at Bolton Notch Rd. cars. Participants: leaders, John Brown, Herm Hoffman, Matt Moore, Anthony Gierzynski, Phil Schlosser, James Donegan

Northeast Roosevelt Mountain
May 9, 2004
Phil Schlosser
6 Participants. In an egregious example of false advertising, this bushwack turned out to be about 4 miles rather than the advertised 8 miles. This oversight gave us lots of time to look at wildflowers, moose and other kinds of scat, and some bear claw marks going up a beech tree. Oh yeah, we bagged the peak too. Participants: Lane Dunn, Linda Evans, Bill Holt, Phil Schlosser, Joel Tilley, Eric Wales

Spring Trail Work
May 16, 2004
Pam Gillis and John Sharp, leaders
7 participants. We cleared the Long Trail from Taylor Lodge to Butler Lodge plus Butler Lodge Trail and Nebraska Norch Trail. The clipping was light due to lots of miles to cover and not too many people, but the trail was in good shape. It was a perfect day and we ended it with snacks at the Stevensville trail head. Participants: leaders, Sarah Sherrill, Joel Tilley, Phil Hazen, Phil Schlosser,
Jenny Wade
Dead Creek Canoe Trip
May 16, 2004
Olga Vrana
9 Participants: Beautiful Day. Saw lots of geese, a pair of osprey, ducks, great blue heron, possibly an eagle, a half dozen or so varieties of small birds and a lot of painted turtles. Crossed one beaver dam. Participants: George Bickford, Jane Yagoda, Michael Calickman, Judy Dunn, Tony Tregnor, Carol Chapman, Olga Vrana.

Waterfalls Hike
May 23, 2004
3 Participants. The recent rains made for great waterfalls. Gill Brook put on a real show with waterfalls, cascades, and rushing white water all the way alongside the trail. Although the gatekeeper thought Rainbow Falls and Beaver Meadow Falls might be inaccessible because of flooding, we reached both. The roaring water fell 150 feet at Rainbow Falls; Beaver Meadow Falls, though slightly lower, was really beautiful with its many ledges. A spectacular ending to a very good hike! Participants: Andrea and Sharon (sorry I didn’t get their last names).

Spring Trail Work
May 30, 2004
Pam Gillis and John Sharp
4 participants: We cleared the Lake Mansfield Trail and the Long Trail from Taylor Lodge to Mt. Mayo. It was a cool, windy day. While hiking up the Lake Mansfield Trail, we heard a cracking sound. John Sharp looked up to see a very large portion a tree breaking right above him. He had time to move so that he was only hit by the leaves as the large branch crashed onto the trail, landing right where he had been standing! We cleared it away and continued! There were quite a few trees to be removed at the two ends of the hike (lower section of Lake Mansfield Trail and up on Mt. Mayo near the summit). With a small turn-out, we didn’t do a complete clipping job. Participants: leaders, Dot Myer, John Brown.

National Trails Day
June 6, 2004
Pam Gillis and John Sharp
11 participants: We cleared the Long Trail from the Buchanan Shelter side trail to the intersection of Eagles Nest ski trail in two groups. It was a beautiful day, but ended with a long wait for a break between hill-climbing race cars to be able to drive the mountain! Participants: leaders, Dot Myer, Ben Gordesky, Sue Girouard, Phil Hazen Laura Lane, Amy Scharf, Rick Scharf, Linda Evans, Mike Langlais.

Mt. Mooselauke
June 13, 2004
Dot Myer
5 Participants: A nice hike. A little shorter in distance and a little longer in time that we expected. We ate lunch on top where it was cool and breezy. Patricipants: Pat Collier, Andrea Chong, Dot Myer.

Map & Compass
April 18 2004
Phil Hazen
5 participants. This has been the seventh annual Map & Compass Course and I continue to learn sometime new every time, so I guess I will do it again next year. The group met at my house with brief introductions. Starting right off with finding North – there are about two to be concerned with, magnetic north and true north. Once that difference was understood, we went right on to practicing taking field bearings, reading maps and so on. This group was sharp and ready for a field trip. And so off we went to Indian Brook reservoir and a mile plus bushwhack to Colchester Pond. Navigating through and around beaver dams, small streams, and cliffs the group (taking turns leading) made it right on target by just following a compass bearing from the old map provided. I think it was Daniel Boone who said he was never lost, but sometimes a wee bit befuddled for a couple of days. Participants: Sheri Larsen, Jim Talbot, Mark Goldstein, Chris Gordon, Joel Tilley.

Pitchoff Mountain
June 20, 2004
Pat Collier
The three of us made a joint decision to change the trip to the Mansfield area. We hiked Frost, Maple Ridge, Rock Garden, and Butler Lodge trails. Carolyn and Joe want to return to hike the wampahoofus. Me too – again. Participants: Pat Collier, Carolyn Elliot, Joe Guzelak

Long Trail – Laraway Mt. to Route 15
June 26, 2004
Phil Hazen
7 participants.This was a great day to do this trip with relatively cool temperatures, sunshine, and some great views at a few places. For once my trip did not go over the advertised 12 miles by eliminating the road walk down to route 15. We had lunch at the viewpoint on Laraway and paused a while at Roundtop Shelter and Prospect Rock. Although while at Prospect Rock we could see the storm clouds gathering and quickly descended to the our vehicles below. Participants: Carman Trombley, Mitch Stupp, Victoria Davidou, Ken Kero, Carol Maroni, Nancy McClellan, Elliot Douglas.

Shelter Work Outing
July 10, 2004
Chris Hanna
9 Participants. A group of 9 GMC members built a new moldering privy at Duck Brook Shelter, broke up the old pit privy, and carried out the pieces.

Mt. Mansfield
July 23, 2004
Pete Saile
8 Participants including one dog. We started hiking South on the LT from the junction of Rte. 108 and the LT. Rain had been on and off (mostly on) all morning and as soon as we got into the woods, the “torrential rains” that Steve Zind had forecasted began. Hiking South under steady and heavy rains, we proceeded up to Taft Lodge. A welcome sight indeed. We lunched there and had a visit with resident caretaker Erica. Maggie the very “buff” black lab did her utmost to show intense interest in everyones’ lunch. She did get a few tidbits. We had a bit of international flavor again with a German and a woman from Montreal. What a trooper — Suzanne garnered the “most chic apparel” award for the garbage bag H20 shedder! Since visibility was nearly nil, we decided to head back down. Nice stop at Taft and several folks hadn’t been there since the renovation in ’96. Despite the drowned rat effect we all had at hikes end, all agreed it was a fun trip. Better ‘n a day at the office! Participants: Pat Collier, Dot Myer, Suzanne Daningburg (Montrealer), Anneliese Koenig (Resident German), Carlene Squires, Wendy Savoie & wonder dog Maggie, Pete Saile

Mt. Ascutney
July 25, 2004
Phil Schlosser
6 Participants. The first order of business was to rebuild the engine of a participant’s car so that we could make the trip south to Mt. Ascutney. After completing the mechanical part of the trip, everything else was downhill. Well, except for the part about hiking up the mountain. We met our sixth group member at the trailhead and proceeded up the mountain at a comfortable pace. On the way up we visited a nice waterfall, observed some geology, and discussed cultural issues and the possible reasons why mosquitoes and black flies prefer some people over others. At the top we made sure we did the all important task of bagging the peak. Then we climbed the observation tower and had lunch. After the hike we all agreed that Pokeman was not one of mankinds greatest achievments. Participants: Kathy Adams, Carolyn Elliot, Phil Hazen, Sandy Kim, Phil Schlosser, Tom Stone.

Shelter Work Outing
July 31, 2004
Chris Hanna
7 Participants. A group of 7 GMC members built a new moldering privy at Buchanan Shelter after carrying in materials over a beaver pond.

Grace and Carson Peaks
August 22, 2004
Phil Schlosser
3 Participants: This was a return visit to these mountains for the trip leader. On his first visit he could not figure out where the herd path crossed the river and had to bushwack for about a mile. This time he was going to get it right. Well, once again he lost the herd path and we did the same old one mile bushwack. We successfully negotiated the slide on sort of renamed Grace Peak (formally known as East Dix), and returned via the correct herd path. Except when we found where the river crossing was the water was too high to cross. So we ended the trip by bushwacking back to the car on the wrong side of the river. Participants: Linda Evans, Phil Schlosser, Carmen Trombley.

Paddling and Birding
August 25, 2004
Maeve Kim
7 Participants A group of seven GMC members paddled up into Little Otter Creek on a beautiful (dry!!!) Wednesday. The trip was made more gorgeous by large amounts of purple flowering pickerel weed and both yellow and white pond lilies, as well as a dozen species of birds. Highlights were an osprey overhead with a 9″ fish in its talons and an immature harrier “dancing” low over the cattails. Some mysterious meteorological event gave us strong winds to battle going in both directions, but we all made it back unscathed. Participants were Carol and Carol, John, Alberta, Marie, and Val, with trip leader Maeve.

Big Crow and Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge
September 11, 2004
Pat Collier
6 Participants: As one of the hikers on this hike said, “What’s special about this trip is hiking Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge with its varying views”. The picture from Big Crow and Weston Mountains isn’t bad either. From Weston we descended to Lost Pond. Rounding it we returned to the trailhead along Gull Brook. Participants: Pat Collier, Paul Doetsch, Mary Keenan, Rachel Moulton, Dot Myer, Jim Talbot

Belvidere Mountain
September 12, 2004
Dot Myer
8 Participants: Most trails are wet this year, but this was the muddiest of all. Beautiful folded rock just below the summit and 360 degree views from the tower made up for the mud. Participants: Bob Chaperon, John Brown, Carmen Trombley, Carolyn Elliot, Pat Collier, Mary Keenan, Don Mayer and dog Coco, Dot Myer

Prospect Rock and Round Top
October 2, 2004
Dot Myer
10 Participants: We had a nice day and a good group of people. We got by the “confusing place” beyond Prospect Rock easily because I had done it a week earlier. We ate lunch at the back of the shelter, looking out at brilliant foliage. Participants: John Brown, Pat Collier, Claire Rivers, Dot Myer, Sue O’Neill, Fred O’Neill, Mary Keenan, Andrea Chow, Rachel Moulton, Dick Sirola

Moosalamoo and Rattlesnake Cliffs
October 17, 2004
Pat Collier
12 Participants: This is a hike that offers ever-changing scenes and four different trails. We began from Moosalamoo Campground and hiked over Moosalamoo Mountain (briefly loosing our way) to Rattlesnake Cliffs. We descended to Falls of Lana and returned to the campground on the North Branch Trail. All without losing anybody. Participants: Ken Austin, John Brown, Jean Cannon, Robert Chaperon, Pat Collier, Carol Hignite, Mary Keenan, Maryann Ludlow, Dot Myer, Lance Polya, Julie Soquet.

Bald Mountain, Oct 23, 2004
Phil Schlosser
7 Participants: The first thing we noticed as we drove over the rise on Route 5A was the spectacular view of Lake Willoughby framed by the cliffs of Mts. Pisgah and Hor. And we weren’t even out of the car yet. This was a fairly short hike involving the crunch-crunch of newly fallen leaves and punctuated by very nice views from the fire tower at the summit. We were done fairly early and two participants elected to go on a bonus hike to nearby Haystack Mountain. Participants: Robert Chaperon, Suzanne Daningburg, Carolyn Elliot, Rachel Moulton, Phil Schlosser, Amy Stocklen, Jo Sweatt.

Fairy Ladder Falls
November 7, 2004
Pat Collier
6 Participants: The destination for this trip changed on the way up the Gill Brook trail. We decided to wait for early May and longer daylight hours to hike to Fairy Ladder Falls. Instead we went to Fish Hawk Cliffs and Indian Head. Beautiful views. We went to Lower Ausable Lake, checked out the new dam, and hiked out the East River Trail. On the way we stopped at Beaver Meadow Falls. Great trip, fun group. Participants: Bob Chaperon, Pat Collier, Judy Fabian, Suzanne Daningburg, Herm Hoffman, Stephanie Zenier

Mount Mansfield
November 13, 2004
Phil Schlosser
5 Participants: We started at the end of the winter-maintained section of Route 108 near the Stowe Gondola. We had typical late fall conditions: some ice on the bottom and near-winter conditions on top. This trip gave us a chance to try out our crampons in preparation for another winter season. Participants: Bob Chaperon, Suzanne Daningburg, Bob Fuller, Phil Schlosser, Dara Sullivan

Mount Hunger
November 14, 2004
Herm Hoffman
8 Participants: We took the Waterbury Trail with temperatures in the 30’s, and sunny with some haze. Great views of the Stowe ski slopes from the summit. A lot of ice appeared about mid-way up. We had lunch at the summit, enjoying the great view; there was some high wind. We also went to White Rocks; the approach to the top with some scrambling was enjoyable. Only two of us had crampons (in step). Participants: John Brown, Patricia Burke, Pat Collier, Geoff Elder, Herm Hoffman, Mada Hutchins, Larry Levine, Rachel Moulton, Lance Polya.

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