Trip Reports for July – September 2007

July 29, 2007
Adam’s Apple
Dot Myer

4 participants. It was a nice day and we enjoyed the steep and rocky hike. We had lunch on top of the Adams Apple and enjoyed the view. We considered hiking to the Lake of the Clouds and around the Adams Apple, but decided to go straight down the way we came up. Participants – Carmen Trombley, Elizabeth Rudolph, Eric McCarthy, Dot Myer.

July 21, 2007
Twin Brooks
Herm Hoffman

4 participants. The scheduled trip to the tent site was combined (coincidentally) with a trip request by Skip Bucher to install a bronze plaque at the Roland Bucher memorial. The tent platforms were dedicated to Skip’s father Roland in August, 1996. The originally scheduled trip, which was an overnighter, was not done, due to lack of participants. Participants – Clem Holden, Skip Bucher, Debora Bucher, Herm Hoffman

July 14, 2007
Battell Trail, Mount Abraham, Mount Ellen, Jerusalem Trail
Carlene Squires

8 participants. This was one of those outstanding Vermont summer days. The blue sky was filled with fluffy white clouds, the views were beautiful, and the hike was exhilarating. All participants seem to have enjoyed the day. Participants – Bob Civiak, Noriko Toni, Robert Riversong, Llyn Ellison, Anneliese Koenig, Mary Keenan, Alan Finn, Carlene Suires – plus “Elle the dog”

July 13, 2007
Monroe Skyline – Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap
Pete Saile

10 participants – at least for some of the trip. Total Distance: 13.2 miles.
Trip Highlights: With the day dawning very cloudy and a steady drizzle @0600, the phone began ringing with a few cancellations……………..”who wants to hike in the rain”, “I think I’m gonna bag this one”………it ended up being only the guys with the addition of Sheri Larsen. As we met @ App Gap to place a car, the first glimpses of blue sky patches were appearing………………”hope Spring’s eternal in the human breast “, as the saying goes and indeed the weather improved to the tune of about 10 minutes worth of light rain as we came over Lincoln Peak. I’m getting ahead of myself. We drove down to Lincoln Gap where Rich and Sheri Larsen, Peter Cottrell and Dick Petit joined us. Rich, Sheri and Peter were doing trail adopting duties and joined us to the summit of Abe. At this point there was full sun, light wind and modest views. At this point, the trailworking folks heading back south to lopper and do water-bar improvements. The group that continued north checked out the plane wreckage, which is oddly enough mentioned in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”……how’s that for a blast of the past???? Proceeding North, we just enjoyed a moderate pace with regroupings every so often. Upon reaching Stark’s Nest, we encountered a group of 1/2 dozen Boyscouts from Mass doing their last night having started @ Shelburne Pass. They wanted pizza badly and were planning to get some on Saturday when their frinds met them. Nice kids and cool t-shirts which had the state of Vt. on the back with the LT section highlighted in red which they did this year. They were very appreciative of having a nice dry place with expansive deck that Stark’s Nest provided. Since our hike started @ 0930 and the first of us arrived @ APP Gap @ 1730, it was truly a time for a little libation and crunchies. Long Trail’s “Double Bag” was the choice even though I brought some lemonade and Vt. Cider -duhhhhhh???? There were 6 of us, just enough for 1 German “Stickbier” per person. We enjoyed a few minutes quaffing and crunching there in the parking lot @ App Gap. As Sir Edmund Hilary so proudly stated as he and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay summited Everest in 1953: “We knocked the bastard off”. Everyone had a great hike. Participants – Al Baker,
Phil Howard, Russ Kinaman, Dave Ruschitto, Dick Petit, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Peter Cottrell, Pete Saile

July 1, 2007
Brandon Gap to New Boston Trail and Forest Road 99
Richard Larsen

11 participants. This was a point-to-point hike, in at Brandon Gap and out on the New Boston Trail and Forest Road 99. We drove down and spotted a couple of cars on FR 99, a bit beyond Mountain Top Resort, and then went back to the trailhead at Brandon Gap. As we neared the gap, there was light rain, but then it stopped, not to resume until we were in the cars at the end of the day. So, while the day was mostly cloudy, it was certainly better than it could have been. The Long Trail in this area has a pretty gentle grade, and does not go over each highpoints – it usually goes around. So, the hike was relatively easy, and the group moved along at over 2 miles per hour. We hiked south to the New Boston Trail, and headed down that trail to FR 99, and out to the cars. We then drove back to the start to get the shuttle cars, and then back home. A word of warning – there is a heavily signed Mountain Top XC ski trail called ‘New Boston’ that branches off FR 99 before you get to the New Boston hiking trail, if you are using the New Boston trail to go in to the LT – the direction opposite to what we did. Do not take this XC trail – continue on FR 99 to the New Boston hiking trail. The XC trail does not go to the LT. (Sheri and I made this mistake a week previous on a different hike, and had to do an epic bushwhack.) Participants – Carmen Trombley, Daniel Scheidt, David Hathway, Bob Lang, Vanessa Lang, Kristin Dearborn, Frank Wells, Barry Peterson, Phil Hazen, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen

August 4, 2007
Rooster Comb
Dot Myer

2 participants. It was a nice day and not quite as hot as some. We met many people along the way. We first went to a view point and then to the top where we had lunch. We came back down by a different route. Participants – Pat Collier, Dot Myer

August 5, 2007
Mount Ascutney
Richard Larsen

5 participants. This was a beautiful day for a hike. Mount Ascutney was chosen because the trip leader had never done it, and it turned out that none of the other participants had, either. We drove 1 hour 45 minutes from Richmond Park and Ride, paid the State Park fee, and headed up the Futures Trail, which at 4.6 miles was the longest route to the top. The trail looped across the summit road at one point, which was fortunate, in that one participant did not feel well. That person was able to walk down the road, get one of the cars, and drive to the top to meet the others when we arrived. The group that hiked took about 3 hours to reach the top, and then we climbed the platform and lounged around for a half hour, trying to identify the VT and NH peaks from this very different vantage point. Since we wanted to be done in 5 hours total, the hikers went down the much shorter (3 mile) Windsor Trail, and the driver went to the base of that trail to pick us up. Everything worked out great, and all were on the road home when we needed to be. Participants – Carmen Trombley, Alice Roberge, Jeff Kay, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen

August 26, 2007
Belvidere Mountain via Frank Post, Long Trail, Foresters Trail
Dean Bloch and Valerie Wilkins

8 participants. Although the weathermen predicted only a 20% chance of rain, we started out the hike from the Tillotson Road in Eden at around 9:30 in a bit of a mist, which turned into somewhat larger droplets that could indeed be called “rain.” The enthusiasm of the group was high, however, and we were not going to be deterred from proceeding upward on the Frank Post Trail. We traveled 2 miles up the trail and reached the Tillotson Camp in about an hour, and had a great view of the fog! Within the dry confines of the camp, we discussed the possibility of turning back, but again, the group’s enthusiasm pushed us onward!
We joined the Long Trail just beyond the camp, and continued south along the ridge for 2.8 miles to the junction with the Foresters Trail. Along the way we saw a beautiful spider’s web bejeweled by the precipitation. We also saw many piles of moose droppings, and a few very large hoof prints. We reached the trail junction by about noon, and proceeded up the last .2 mile stretch to the summit of Belvidere Mountain, where we were greeted with a beautiful view—of fog! Nevertheless, we settled in for lunch, after which a few intrepid souls climbed the tower. The fog did thin for a bit, allowing us to get some fleeting views of the immediate base of the mountain, the tailings from the asbestos mine, and the surrounding area.
The 2.9 mile trip down on the Foresters Trail went fairly smoothly, although footing was occasionally tricky on the wet rocks. The trail was well marked with new blue blazes. About half way down, we noticed bear markings that decorated a beech tree close to the trail. We finished the hike, crossing several streams and some good sized patches of mud, which provided “evidence” (on our legs) of our endeavors! We were back at our cars by about 3:00.
Après hike refreshments came in the way of multi-flavored ice cream at the colorful corner store in Johnson. We returned to the Jericho Elementary School where we had dropped some cars in the morning about 4:30 — just as the sun broke through!

August 31, 2007
Mt. Abraham Trip
Leader: Sheri Larsen

3 participants. The weather forecast for the day was good, but when we arrived at the top of Lincoln Gap there was very little visibility and it was misting. We hoped that the clouds would lift by the time we got to the top for good views. The sun kept trying to poke through as we made our way up the mountain, but it was still very overcast at the top. We had lunch at the top and then made our way down. It was a very fit group with a quick pace, so we made good time. We all enjoyed the exercise and pleasant company. Participants: Mary Keenan, Barbara Cory and Karen Furland
September 8, 2007
Work hike to Taylor Lodge
Linda Evans

1 participant. No one called so I went alone. Clipped a few branches, cleared a few waterbars, hauled some trash out of the shelter, pushed the pooh down in the outhouse (with a stick!) Taylor gets a lot of day hiker traffic and needs to be checked on a regular basis. Participant and leader: Linda Evans

September 16, 2007
Top of Mount Mansfield
Dot Myer

3 participants. There was much interest in the scheduled hike (on September 15), mostly from other sections, but rain forced a change to Sunday, September 16. Only three people were able to come on that day. Because there were so few people, and because the morning was foggy and the rocks were still wet, we did not do most of the side trails. We did the Amherst Trail, a little of the Lakeview Trail, and the Long Trail to both the Forehead and the Chin. After the first hour or so the weather was beautiful but quite cool. We enjoyed wonderful views on all the trails we went on. Participants – Carol Hignite, Bob Spak, Dot Myer

September 23, 2007
Big Crow + Nun-da-ga-o Ridge
Pat Collier

6 participants. We did Big Crow, Nun-da-ga-o Ridge, Weston Mountain, Lost Pond, and Gulf Brook Trail back to Crow Clearing – the whole circle. Two hikers turned back part-way through, but fortunately one of them had a car. It was a full, fun day. Participants – Rachel Moulton, Russ Kinaman, Mary Keenan, Carmen Trombley, Irena Case, Pat Collier.

September 30, 2007
Mt. Abraham
Leader – Sheri Larsen

10 participants. The trip was not advertised for “women only” but that is how it turned out. We had a great group of women, including one from Connecticut and one from New Jersey. We started at Lincoln Gap and took the Long Trail to the top and returned the same way. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer fall day – warm temperatures for the time of year, mixed sun and clouds and minimal wind at the top. We took time at the top to eat our lunch, enjoy the views, watch several gliders fly over and take photos. We passed lots of people going up as we headed down to the cars. Participants – Jenny Lynch, Sally Marcotte, Valerie Parauka, Carmen Trombly, Peggy Bartlett, Mary Keenan, Carol Hignite, Carol Langley, Jane Rohlf, Sheri Larsen.

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