About This Website….

The website has several categories, easily accessed by using the Select Category drop-down list on the right of the website.

Outings – Ted reports this is the most popular section of the website, with visits spiking during the middle of the week as folks make plans for the weekend. This section of the website is organized by month, so it’s easy to see what trips are being offered and how to sign up.

Trip Reports – This category has short, often entertaining narratives that summarize outings that have already happened. You can learn about places where you might want to hike and also find out what fellow GMC members and friends have been up to. Send *one or two* excellent photos *with captions* of your trip to ted@ted-albers.net if you want them published.

For Trip Leaders – You guessed it – trip leaders can get sign-up sheets and trip description guidelines here.

Before You Go – Tips and Advice – Since he’s still relatively new to Vermont, Ted finds this category helpful. As we head into winter, check out the tips for winter hikes and instructions for getting yourself out of a spruce trap. Or maybe you have young children and want some suggestions for getting them out on the trail. All of this—and more—is available in Before You Go.

People: Profiles, Stories, and News – This category has many articles that appeared in Ridge Lines – with the added treat of photos and other images to bring the stories to life. And remember: If your dog ate your mailed edition of Ridge Lines, you can find a complete PDF of every edition online.

Section News – Check out this category to learn about other Burlington Section events. From here, you can get general information about the club, learn about volunteer opportunities, and find links to websites for the main club and the other GMC sections.

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