Trip Ideas for Fall

Trip ideas for Fall: October, November, December
These are trips that have been led by our section members in the past. If you are a new leader, please feel free to borrow ideas and descriptions for your own trips.

Birch Glen Foliage hike
Approx. 3 miles round trip
Pace: Easy
This easy hike is through hardwoods so we should see bright foliage at this time. of the year Lunch at the camp and return by the same route.

Long Trail north from RT 17 to Burnt Rock Mtn, then to N. Fayston
Outing Type: Hike
Distance Round Trip: 9.6 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 2000 ft
Difficulty Rating – Moderate
Trip Pace – Moderate
We will follow the Long Trail north from RT 17 to the summit of Burnt Rock Mountain then return south to the Hedgehog Brook trail and descend east via the Hedgehog Brook Trail to the parking lot in North Fayston.

App Gap to Mad River Glen
5 miles
Pace: Moderate
We will hike to the Theron Dean Shelter from Appalachian Gap then down the Ski trail at Mad River.

Mt. Abe via Battel Trail
Outing Type: Hike
Distance Round Trip: 5.8 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 2,500
Difficulty Rating Moderate
Trip Pace: Moderate
Join a small group up Mt. Abraham, a pleasant hike just above 4000‚ with with great views.

Worcester Range Hike
10.7 miles
3000 foot
Difficult to Moderate
We will traverse the Worcester Range using the Skyline Trail, crossing 4 3000 foot plus peaks, including White Rocks, Hunger and Worcester. We will spot cars at the trail heads in Middlesex and Worcester.

Camel’s Hump
Outing Type: Hike
Distance Round Trip: 8mi
Total Elevation Gain: 2500
With a few leaves lingering on, it is up the Monroe Trail, the Dean Trail, north on the Long Trail to the summit.

Mt. Abe Hike
Distance Round Trip:5.8
Total Elevation Gain: 2,500
Difficulty Rating: Difficult
Trip Pace : Leisurely
Up the Battell Trail with a few lingering oak leaves on the trees, but with most crunching under foot. Of course there will be sharp blue skies with views for a hundred miles on top of Mt. Abe. Money back guarantee!

Stevensville Loop‚ Mt. Mansfield area
7 miles
Pace: moderate
Description:We will hike up the Maple Ridge trail, then head south on the Long Trail to Taylor Lodge, a nice place to take a break. We will complete the loop by hiking down the Nebraska Notch Trail.

Mt. Mansfield
Distance Round Trip – 10 mi.
Total Elevation Gain – 3000
Under crisp clear blue skies we will hike the Butler Lodge Trail,the Wampahoofus to the Forehead and on to the Chin via the Long Trail. And then find a path down.

Haselton Trail to Mt. Mansfield
5 miles
2500 foot gain
Moderate Pace
We will ascend the Haselton Trail, through the center of Stowe Mountain Resort, to the toll road and welcome center on Mt. Mansfield. We will then head north to the chin and descend on the Long Trail to Rt. 108. It is hunting season, and this should be a safer trail, but you should display some orange.

Nebraska Notch
LT to Mansfield Forehead – Butler Lodge Trail
7.5 miles,
elevation gain 3,940′

Camels Hump
4.8 to 12.4 miles depending on route
1300 – 3700 foot gain depending on route
Moderate pace 1 – 2 mph average
We will head to Camels Hump from the north, east, south or west, from whatever direction, the crowd wants to go, mild to wild.

Whiteface via Beaver Meadows
Will we have snow? Let’s find out!
7 miles,
elevation gain 2,400′

Taylor Lodge
Snowshoe (or hike if not enough snow)
Distance: 5.5 miles round trip
Easy to Moderate pace
This is a popular trip well worth doing throughout the year. We’ll hope for snow.

Camel’s Hump via the Burrows Trail
Outing Type Snowshoe
Distance Round Trip ‚ 4.8 miles round trip
Total Elevation Gain ‚ 1950 feet
Difficulty Rating – Moderate
Trip Pace – Moderate
Depending on the weather, we will either hike or snowshoe to the top of Camel‚ Hump from the Huntington side.

Mount Mansfield via Laura Cowles.
Difficult, 3000′, 8 miles
Strong pace
We will start at the winter parking area, and ascend Mansfield via Laura Cowles. Winter clothing and gear required, including snowshoes and microspikes. Expect to spend two hours above treeline, where conditions may be severe – we hope!

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