How to find stuff on this Website

This website is a good place to look for recent information such as outings, trip reports and announcements. But the site has a good bit of history in it tool. There are two kinds of searches:
1) search the contents of past issues of Ridgelines (that’s the Burlington Section newsletter) or
2) search the contents of the website itself (which does not include Ridgelines.)

1) To look for a word or phrase in a past Ridgelines, see the paragraph on the right-side of the homepage of the website “SEARCH RIDGELINES NEWSLETTERS (2003 TO CURRENT)”. This links to a Google page that has indexed all the past Ridgelines. The result(s) will be an entire edition of Ridgelines (in a PDF file). The word or phrase you are looking for could be anywhere in that Ridgelines.

2) To search this website, type your search term in the “SEARCH THIS SITE” box on the right side of the homepage. Don’t forget you can sort your view of the homepage by clicking “CATEGORIES” on the right side of the homepage. Try it!

Have a suggestion for how to improve the website? Please let me know.

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