Trip reports – May-August 2017 (updated 5/22/2017)

5/21/2017 – Young Adventurers Club – Shelburne Pond
We started at the Fishing Access, startling frogs and watching the fishermen on the beach. As we tromped up through the woods, we checked under logs for salamanders — finding one — and staring down the steep cliff drop-offs into the water. We took a break in the “chair tree” (a cedar branch with two 90-degree turns for a seat) and saw a water snake swimming away in the pond. The weather was beautiful — 60s and partly sunny with a nice breeze. Participants for our hour-long adventure: Aaron, Michelle (trip leaders) and Brendan.

5/20/2017 – Trail Work Outing
Great turnout for our 3rd trail work!  Three folks (John Sharp, leader, Phil Hazen, and George Long) met at 7 AM at Stevensville trail head.  They did a lot of cutting on the way to Puffer and also did some other trail work.  Ten of us met at Richmond Park & ride and drove to Lake Mansfield Trout Club.  Four cleared the trail back to the overnight/winter parking lot (some handsaw cutting and light trail work).  The other 6 of us headed up Lake Mansfield Trail and cleared downed trees, water bars and did some clipping.  We took a break at Taylor Lodge and the other 4 caught up.  We then headed towards Puffer, clearing the trail but leaving the chainsaw at Taylor.  After going most of the way to Puffer, the group met the 3 coming down from Puffer, as they had spent a lot of time chainsaw cutting.  A few of our group hiked on to see Puffer with everyone else heading down.  The group of 10 regrouped at Taylor before the final decent.  They were Carol Irish, Peter Kassel, Mike Arthur, Lisa Hardy, Bill Kruesi, Dave Hathaway, Ted Albers, Kevin Burke, and Jeffrey Trubisz.  There was definitely more chainsaw work than in the typical year.

5/13/2017 – Trail Work Outing
Joined by 7 folks from AmeriCorps, we split our 16 trail workers into three groups: 1) Frost, Parts of Maple Ridge, and Rock Garden, 2) Butler Lodge, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Twin Brooks, and 3) Nebraska Notch and LT to Taylor Lodge, Clara Bow Trail, and LT to Twin  Brooks.  Lots of water bar cleaning on Nebraska Notch and other trails.  a number of trees were removed and some clipping done.  Participants were leaders Pam Gillis and John Sharp, Phil Hazen, George Long, Dave Hathaway, Scott Albertson, Jeremy Gerber, Carol Irish, and from the AmeriCorp:  Kelsey Durr, Sierra Passero, Rhianna Kline, Alex Smith, Shane Wall, Jordie Hope, and Olivia Stoker.

5/6/2017 – Trail Work Outing
We had a good turnout of 9 folks for our first of the year trail work outings. We cleared the Long Trail from Rt. 2 to Buchanan Lodge plus the old LT from Bolton Notch Road up to the current LT.  We split into 2 groups and both ended up going down together.  There were a few trees to cut along the trail, water bars to clear, and brush to clip.  Luckily, the rain pretty much held off while we were working, coming before and after our work!  The group included leaders John Sharp and Pam Gillis along with Ted Albers, George Long, Phil Hazen, Paul Beliveau, Scott Albertson, and 2 others.

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