Today at the volunteer picnic in Waterbury, Pam Gillis received the 2019 “Burlington Section President’s award.”

A photo below shows Howard VanBenthuysen who made the award (and most of the GMC trail signs over the last four years) with Pam. Last year it went to Joel Tilley our retiring Treasurer. Thanks to Sheri Larsen for the photo of Ted and Pam.

“Green Mountain Award – For demonstration of long-term dedication to a GMC project or the club in general.”

Pam also received the GMC’s “Green Mountain Award” from Mike Debonis for her many years of service. Pam & Forrest are in the processing of moving to NH.

Trail Blazer Award – Given to a relatively new GMC volunteer who has taken to their role with great enthusiasm and commitment.”

Also, Brian and Janette Williams received the GMC’s “Trail Blazer” award for taking on the Annual Meeting, and many other activities in the past two years. They were not there to receive the award in person. Thank you to Brian and Janette for hosting our Section meeting this week at their home. Very generous.

FYI catering was by Sugar Snap and was outstanding with ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s.  We all missed not having a pony-keg of Dave Hardy’s home brew, which was a staple for many many years.

Also FYI the next Burlington Section executive committee is (pending confirmation at the Brownell Library in Essex) is Tuesday 12/11

Note this is not Thursday. All Burlington Section members welcome. Contact Ted at

We will miss Pam who has held basically every role for the Section including President.