Trip reports May 2019 (updated 5/27/2019)

5/26/2019 – Corliss Camp to Eden Crossing
We met at the Cambridge park & ride a little before 8:30,
ferried one car to Eden Crossing, then headed back to the Davis Neighborhood Trail to start up a little after 9:30. It was a pleasant day, mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. But recent rains, including the previous night, left the trail very wet. And when the breeze let up the black flies were as bad as I’ve seen them. We reached Corliss Camp a little after 10 and then took the Long Trail north and headed up Butternut, reaching the summit around 11:15. There were some spots of significant erosion on the the way up, and a lot of trail work is needed, with many blowdowns that need removal, a lot of waterbars to clear, and a lot of clipping to do, especially between Butternut and Bowen. We had lunch just after noon, then continued across the flank of Bowen Mt, reaching Spruce Ledge around 2:45. We skipped the climb up to the shelter to save knees, then proceed through Devil’s Gulch, around Ritterbush Pond, and on to Eden Crossing, reaching the car around 4:30.  Participants: Susan Tobin, David Hathaway (leader).

5/25/2019 – Spring Trail Work
Group 1: Scott Albertson, Steve Titcomb, Lisa Hardy, Phil Hazen
We started our day leaving at the Lake Mansfield Trout Brook Club at about 9:30 AM, travelling up the Lake Mansfield Trail to the Long Trail. Our trail work started after the Beaver Pond beyond Taylor Lodge and continuing to the summit of Mount Mayo. A number of blow downs, leaners, etc. were encountered and cleared by the dynamic dual of Scott and Phil. Water bars and wet areas were expertly cleaned and drainage improved by Steve while Lisa clipped away at the never-ending encroachment of brush and small branches. All returned by 5 PM. Two South bound thru-hikers were encountered at Taylor Lodge. The snow in the White Mountains had halted their north bound AT Journey, so they decide to finish hiking the Long Trail while waiting for the snow to melt. Watching snow melt is similar to watching paint dry, only it takes longer.
Group2: George Long (clipper), Peter Smith (hazel hoe), Mike
Donaruma (clipper), Hope Crifo (clipper/handsaw), and John Sharp
We started clipping and water bar work at head of Lake Mansfield Trail, continued past Taylor and onto the LT south. Cleared two blowdowns before the beaver pond, then left the chainsaw and continued clipping. All did extensive clipping and clearing until met up with group 1 heading back after having reached Mayo. Reached parking area at Lake Mansfield Trout Club around 5:00. Trail was very wet in spots and the amount of hobble bush, small firs and brambles was impressive. Trail was left in good shape. A long day with lots of black flies and some mosquitoes.

5/18/2019 – Spring Trail Work
We met at the Richmond park & ride at 8:30 then drove to the Bolton Valley ski area parking lot where we split into three groups.
Group 1: Scott Albertson, Mike Authur and Phil Hazen accessed the LT via the Ravens Wind ski trail and headed north to the summit of Bolton Mt.  We had significant number of blowdowns to clear with deep snow to contend with. Some minor clipping was done.
Group 2: Dave Hathaway, Ben Feldman, Leanne Shulman, Heather Hinman, Don Whitman and Peter Smith accessed the LT at the same point as group 1, around 10:30, but headed south on the LT (after missing the turn and briefly starting the wrong way toward the Bolton summit). There was too much snow to do any waterbar work until we got close to the North Ridge ski trail, but did some clipping and used the chainsaw about 6 times, including one large spruce completely blocking and obscuring the trail. We had lunch at North Ridge ski trail around 12:30, then continued south on the LT to meet group 3 around 1:30.
Group 3: Paul Beliveau, George Long, Ted Albers, Tom Candon and John Sharp accessed the LT from the North Ridge ski trail and worked south to the junction with the Buchanan lodge access trail.  Tom, George and John did extensive clipping (got to love hobble bush), Ted cleared numerous water bars and Paul operated the chainsaw.  The trail was quite wet but nothing unusual for this time of year. Used the chainsaw about eight times, several hangers and nothing over 12-15 inch diameter.  Work crew was excellent. Reversed direction, met up with group 2 and exited via North Ridge trail, reaching the parking area around 3 PM.

5/11/2019 – Spring Trail Work
Most folks met at 8:30 in Richmond, then headed to the Stevensville trailhead in Underhill to meet a few others around 9. It was cool, in the low 50s F, with a mix of sun and clouds for our work trip. But after about 1.25 to 1.5 inches of rain the day before all the trails were very wet, making it a great day to clear waterbars! We split into 4 groups.
Group1: Paul Beliveau took a group of four with John Kowalski, Steve Titcomb and Steve Mattera. They took the Frost Trail to Rock Garden Trail then returned via Butler Lodge Trail.
Group 2: David Hathaway took a group of 4 with Ted Albers, John Pennucci and Mike Authur. We headed up Nebraska Notch, along the Long Trail to Taylor Lodge (around 11:30), back along Clara Bow to the Nebraska Notch junction (around 1 PM), and north on the Long Trail to Twin Brooks. We used the chainsaw about 6 times, but there were also lots of small branches and uprooted trees to clear. We left one large tree on Clara Bow that was easy enough to walk under and looked like it might be tricky to remove safely. We only had one long handled trenching tool for waterbar clearing, though John had a very short-handled tool he also used some. We saw some patches of snow on Clara Bow. Just north of the southern Clara Bow junction the trail was pretty much indistinguishable from the stream into the beaver pond. We built up a bit of a dam between them and reduced the flow on the trail a bit; hopefully this will help more when things dry up a bit. The hobblebush seemed particularly healthy on the Long Trail north of Nebraska Notch,and required a lot of clipping. The second Nebraska Notch group caught up with us just after we got to Twin Brooks, around 3 PM. There we found a freshly cut blowdown next to the kiosk, so we assumed the Butler Lodge group had come and gone. We left a note in case we were wrong (we weren’t), then headed down the ski trail and forest road to reach the cars around 3:40, where the rest of the work groups had already gotten back.
Group 3: Carol Irish, the Nebraska Notch adoptee, took a group of four with Tucker Tirey, Peter Smith and Peter Kassel. They extensive water bar and clipping until they reached the LT and then returned to the cars. She was very pleased with the work done.
Group 4: John Sharp took a group of five with Phil Hazen, Scott Albertson, Machaela Wentz and Mike Donaruma. Mike did an excellent job clearing water bars while Machaela and I clipped. Scott carried the saw which Phil used, they also clipped some. There was one major blowdown plus several smaller ones on Butler Trail, all cleared. Trail very wet but in good shape. Joined with Paul’s group at Butler where they helped clear some trees that were obstructing the view. Ran into snow just below Butler. From Wallace Cutoff to about 3/4 mile down LT there was a significant amount of snow. From there to tent platforms normal trail work with 4 blow downs. Bushed wacked from there to parking area.

5/5/2019 – Wildflower Hike at Niquette Bay State Park
Niquette Bay State Park opens at 10 a.m., so we all paid our fees or showed park passes and met shortly after opening hours.  We walked out on the Ledges Trail, which is the trail that has the most early season wildflowers.  The wood plank crossing at the end of the Ledges Trail was under water due to high lake levels, so we turned around and retraced our steps.  After reaching the main trail, several participants left due to other commitments.  The rest of us continued for another hour and a half on other loops in the park.
We saw a total of 14 different wildflowers in bloom plus numerous other wildflowers about to bloom and an interesting red fungus called Elf Cup..  Attached are photos of some of the flowers we saw as well as the fungus and a view of Mt. Mansfield. Participants: Rich Larsen, Maeve Kim, Bernie Paquette, Janet Grady, Mary Keenan, Barbara Frankowski, Joanie Mallary, Rosemary Zamore, Sheri Larsen (leader).

5/4/2019 – Spring Trail Work
We met at Richmond park/ride around 8:30 and broke into 3 groups.
Group 1: Ted Albers, Scott Albertson, Mike Authur and Hope Crifo
went to Jonesville and cleared the Duckbrook trail from there to the
Notch road. We saw evidence of logging on town of Bolton forest, including  felling trees that had a blue-blaze, and leaving a few patches where we needed to clear the trail of scrap-wood and a general mess. We also saw three blowdowns, nearer the Notch Road than Jonesville, that will need revisiting, since the other two groups had the two chainsaws.
Group 2: Dave Hathaway, Ben Feldman, Leanne Shulman and Jonathan
Breen went to trail head on route 2 and cleared LT to junction with Duckbrook trail. The fog became denser as we climbed, lifting a little only toward the end of our trip. Most of our work was removing loose downed branches from the trail and clipping, but we also cleared some waterbars and broke out the chainsaw for about 8 mostly relatively small blowdowns. The blazing in this area could use some work, as the blazes are very sparse. We ran into a couple patches where the trail went across the remnants of snowdrifts, making it even harder to stay on the trail. After reaching the Duck Brook junction we headed down to the cars on the Bolton Notch Road, reaching them around 1:45, where we hung out until we were joined by John, Paul, and the rest of the folks who’d been up to Buchanan.
Group 3: Paul Beliveau, Peter Smith, John Page, George Long, Mike
Rocheleau and John Sharp left from Notch road and cleared to Buchanan
shelter. The trail was wet and snow in a number of places. We used the chainsaw 3 times, no major blow downs. Clipping and hazel hoe used as needed. Overall trail was in good condition. Returned to Notch Rd around 2:30
where Dave Hathaway’s group was waiting for us. Ted’s group came out
around 4:00.


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