Outings for June 2020

6/6 (Sat) Taylor Lodge
The primary goal of this hike is to check out Taft Lodge to make sure all is well. But we might as well make a day of it. After checking the shelter, we’ll continue on to the Mansfield Ridge and hike across, then descend on the Haselton Trail to return to Barnes Camp. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 5.7 miles. 2800′ elevation gain. Dana Baron, dk.baron@comcast.net or 373-8613.

6/7 (Sun) Camels Hump via Bamforth Ridge
We’ll spot cars at the Couching Lion Farmsite, then climb Bamforth Ridge from the Winooski River to the summit of Camels Hump, and descend on the Monroe Trail. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 9.6 miles. 4000′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.

6/13 (Sat) Mt. Lincoln
We’ll climb Mt. Lincoln via Lincoln Gap and Mt. Abraham. Moderate hike. Moderate pace. 6.8 miles. 1800′ elevation gain. Group limit 12. Jonathan Breen, ghostman2651@gmail.com or 318-8104.

6/14 (Sun) Northfield to Randolph Bicycle
We begin in Northfield, ride south through Brookfield for a view of the floating bridge, then on to Randolph and lunch. Our return follows the third branch of the White River back to Northfield. Moderate bicycle ride with some hills (This is Vermont after all). 42 miles. Group limit 8. Mary Lou Recor, mlrecor@myfairpoint.net or 660-2834.

6/21 (Sun) Stowe Pinnacle
This is a short but relatively steep hike talking about 2 1/2 hours including a long lunch and a pretty view – if clear – which I promise will be. The trailhead is east of Stowe village and is part of the Worcester Range. For those wanting a longer outing you are welcome to continue walking (up!) the more difficult Ridge Trail on your own, which intersects this trail. Moderate hike. 2.8 miles. 1520′ elevation gain. Ted Albers, ted@ted-albers.net.

6/27 (Sat) Dogwood Bakery Bicycle
Last year’s trip to the Dogwood Bakery in Wadhams, New York was such a pleasure, I want to do it again. We take the ferry from Charlotte to Essex, then climb away from the lake to Wadhams. From there we can head either north to Willsboro or south to Westport on low-traffic roads, finally looping back to the ferry dock. Moderate bicycle ride with hills (This is New York after all). 35 miles. Group limit 8. Mary Lou Recor, mlrecor@myfairpoint.net or 660-2834.

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