Lake Monsters Baseball and GMC July 24th (updated July 25th)

The Burlington Section were guests at Lake Monsters baseball on July 24th 2022 at Centennial Field in Burlington. We were the beneficiaries of a 50-50 raffle – thanks to Janette and Brian Williams and Ted Albers for selling raffle tickets that netted the Section about $140. We decided that Prickles needs an upgrade. Standing next to the mascots of the other organizations Prickles looked a bit old and tired. Fortunately Janette thinks she can stitch together a new prickles costume for the 21st century.

The GMC’s mascot Prickles the Porcupine and special Lake Monster’s guest mascot Youppi! (mascot for the Montreal Canadiens, and former longtime mascot of the Montreal Expos.)
Janette and Brian Williams selling raffle tickets joined by the UVM Children’s Hospital mascot Monty the Moose
Prickles was invited to toss out the first pitch at the Lake Monster game. Catching was the Vermont Teddy Bear mascot who couldn’t see much of the action as he has to look out his nose.

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