Outings for November 2022

11/5 (Sat) Whiteface (ADKs)
We will start from the ASRC (Atmosphere Science Research Center) lot in Wilmington, NY. From there we will ascend the Marble Mountain Trail before connecting to the Wilmington trail which takes us to the Whiteface summit (4867′). While Whiteface has a very developed summit, please note that at this time of year all buildings will be closed for the season. The most efficient route to the trailhead will involve taking a ferry across the lake, so we will time our departure based on the ferry schedule. Difficult hike. 7 miles. 3000′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Chris Luczynski, frogged@gmail.com.

11/6 (Sun) Taylor Lodge
A leisurely hike from the Stevensville Parking Lot to Taylor Lodge. Depending on interest, we may take the Clara Bow Trail on the way out. Easy hike. Moderate pace. 4.5 miles. 700′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 11/4. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 802-899-9982.

11/12 (Sat) Mansfield Forehead via Rock Garden
We’ll climb Butler Lodge Trail, then cross top Maple Ridge on Rock Garden, climb Maple Ridge to the Forehead, and return on Wampahoofus and Butler Lodge. Difficult hike. Moderate to Strong pace. 6.4 miles. 2600′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 11/10. Dale Schmit, dtschmit@gmail.com or 920-850-3744.

11/13 (Sun) Camels Hump via Monroe Trail
From Couching Lion trailhead we’ll go up the Monroe Trail to the hut clearing, and then a short way on the Long Trail to the Camels Hump summit. We’ll descend vit the Long Trail south to the Alpine and Monroe trails. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 6.6 miles. 2700′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 11/11. David McColgin, davidmccolgin@yahoo.com or 802-356-9863.

11/19 (Sat) Stark’s Nest, Orvis Lookout
Starting from Appalachian Gap, we’ll take the LT south to Stark’s Nest and continue on to Orvis Lookout and back. Includes steep sections, ladders and scrambles, along with some mellower travel along the ridgeline. Nice views. Spikes and snowshoes may be required, depending on conditions. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 7 miles. 1500′ elevation gain. Jill George, jillghiker@gmail.com.

11/20 (Sun) Mt Abraham
Hike the Battel trail to the LT, and up Mt. Abraham having excellent views from the summit. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 6 miles. 2500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Jonathan Breen, ghostman2651@gmail.com or 802-318-8104.

11/27 (Sun) Sterling Pond Loop
We’ll climb from Barnes Camp to Sterling Pond via Long Trail north, returning via the Sterling Pond Trail. Moderate to difficult hike. 6 miles. 1600′ elevation gain. Dean Wiederin, deanwiederin8@gmail.com or 802-233-1398.

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