Winter 2022-2023 RidgeLines Newsletter in PDF

The winter issue of RidgeLines is here (outings card).

Fall 2022 (outings card).

Summer 2022 (outings card).

Spring 2022 (outings card).

Winter 2021-2022 (outings card).

Fall 2021 (outings card).

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Winter 2019-2020 (outings card)

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Summer 2018 (outings card)

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Winter 2017-2018 (outings card)

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Winter 2010-2011 One Hundred Years of History – We’ve dedicated all four 2010 issues of RidgeLines to GMC’s 100th birthday.

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Click below to link to search the contents of the past ten years of the Burlington Section RidgeLines newsletter. The result(s) will be an entire edition of RidgeLines (in a PDF file). The search term will not be highlighted in the PDF – the word(s) you searched for could be anywhere in the newsletter. To narrow your results, search for more terms, or search for an exact term in quotes. For example, searching for spring trail work returned 31 editions of RidgeLines. Searching for spring trail work 1995 returned four. Searching for “spring trail work” 1995 returned one.
Search Ridgelines here.

Thanks to Maeve Kim for producing and organizing all these RidgeLines archives. Note that some past editions may have the a few blank page. Just scroll past those. Also, we have eliminated many of the old listings of outings. Some are 1MB PDF files, and may take dial-up users a while to download. It may be easiest to right-click and ‘save-as’ to your desktop.
See an error on this page? I would not be surprised! Let me know.
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