After a couple late cancellations six of us met at the Cambridge park & ride at 9 AM. We waited about 5 minutes for three others who signed up (more on one of those later), then drove up to the Codding Hollow trailhead. Not knowing what we’d encounter, I asked everyone to bring their snowshoes, but that turned out to be unnecessary as the trail was solid the whole way (and icy in patches), so everyone wore microspikes (even me by the time we reached the ice falls). The temperature was around 40 F under cloudy skies as we started out around 9:45, with a very fine mist beginning to fall. The forecast called for rain, increasing in the afternoon, and we did encounter off an on sprinkles the whole way, but nothing too significant. As we approached the ice at the top I stopped to pull out my hand saw to remove a small treetop whose branches were reaching into the trail while the rest of the group continued. As I was catching up with them I encountered two women, and when I told them we were a GMC Burlington trip, she said she’d signed up for it but didn’t see anyone at the trailhead. It turns out she was one of our “no shows” in Cambridge, and had only looked at the meetup for meeting time and location (which I intentionally don’t post there), and hadn’t checked her email to see the massage I’d sent everyone about the meeting time and place. But she also wasn’t aware that many of our trips don’t appear on meetup, so she was glad to know where to look for them on the website. I caught up with the rest of the group at the beginning of the ice, and while it was still pretty impressive, it paled in comparison to some past years (see last year’s trip report here). I had warned people ahead of time that if the ice looked unstable we would turn around and not try to walk where we could get hit by pieces when it came crashing down. I thought it looked reasonably stable, but two people were uneasy, so they turned before the big ice column (which forms every year) and headed back, and the rest of us followed soon after. After the hike Nancy pointed out the “gnome” at the base of the ice column (look carefully at the picture, and you’ll see one big one buried to it’s nose or two smaller ones). On the way back I used my handsaw to remove a good size duck-under blowdown that had been there for at least a year (I remember it from last year), and that the second group helped me remove. We reached the cars around 12:45. Participants: Rob Gordon, David Golubock, Greg Bostock, Nancy McClellan, Cathy Tilley, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: David H., Rob, and Nancy.