After some late cancellations, three of us met at the Cambridge Junction at 9:30 were on our way northeast along the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail around 9:45. It was sunny but cool, around 40 to 45 F as we started out. The forecast called for a possibility of rain after 2 PM, so we hoped to be quick, but as a first ride of the season for some of us, we weren’t as quick as we’d hoped. We reached the midpoint in East Fairfield around 11:15. We briefly considered turning back early around at Chester Arthur Road (about 3/4 of the way) to avoid rain, but opted to continue. We got a good view of the falls on the Black Creek under the bridge in Sheldon and reached the Missisquoi Valley rail Trail junction (20.5 miles) around 12:45. By this time it was clouding over, so after about a 10 minute break for lunch we started back. The forecast proved true, and we started getting a little rain shortly after 2 PM, along with a pretty fierce headwind. We were spreading out a bit. Steve, with e-bike assist was ahead, trying to get back before the rain got too intense. Greg and I were slowing down, but Greg a bit more than me, so around 2:35 at East Fairfield I offered to race ahead and try to come back with a car to pick him up. I continued as quickly as I could, donning a rain shell and gloves as the rain slowly increased, and reaching the cars around 3:45. Greg emailed me to let me know he was waiting at Wilson Road, so I went back to pick him up there. A little cold and wet for an early season bike ride, but a good day nonetheless. Participants, Greg Bostock, Steve Berk, David Hathaway (leader).