Folks met in Richmond at 8:30 or at Stevensville at 9 and divided into three groups:

Butler Lodge Trail, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Twin Brooks
Used the chainsaw three times on Butler Lodge Trail, once on Wallace Cutoff, and not at all on the LT. Clipped and cleared drainage. Picked up LOTS of smaller downed branches. Saw one tree with huge porcupine(?) holes halfway up along BL. Still a few patches of snow above Wallace Cutoff, but the trail is generally pretty dry and ready for seasonal hikers.
The door to the Butler Lodge privy was torn off, likely by wind after someone failed to properly latch it. The door seems intact, and just needs a crew of three to go up and reattach it (one inside to wedge it up to keep the bottom from binding, one outside to hole it in place, and one with a driver to reinstall screws). Could probably use three short reinforcing boards outside to tie to the inside boards at the hinge side of the door. The mouldering privy description sign at the trail spur to the privy is ripped off its backing plywood and needs to be restapled. Will coordinate with Burlington trails chair Steve Titcomb to do the work. And the privy is pretty full, so the caretaker will have some immediate work to do at the start of the season (or before).
Work crew: David Hathaway, Phil Hazen, Rob Gordon, Laura Place.

LT, Nebraska Notch to Twin Brooks
Used the chain saw on 5 blowdowns. Hand saw to clear a few more smaller ones and clipped (mostly hoblebush) growth along the trail. Steve and Ted did a nice job alternating with the shovel/hoe to clear water bars and help drain numerous wet spots from the prior days rain. Cleared leaves and branches off the tent platforms at Twin Brooks.
There is one tree at Twin Brooks which broke at its rotted base and has its top firmly stuck up in the crotch of an adjacent tree. If it was to fall unobstructed, it would fall across the trail from the group area to the privy and the top would land on or very near the group platform that is closest to the privy. We considered trying to get this down but thought we might only make things worse and decided to leave it because it was so firmly caught up.
Work crew: Scott Albertson, Steve Titcomb, Ted Albers.

Nebraska Notch Trail, LT to Beaver Pond South of Taylor Lodge
Clipped brush, cleared debris, removed downed trees, and cleared waterbars and drainages. Used the chainsaw seven times. Cleared the LT to the beaver pond south of Taylor Lodge. Shout out to Burlington Section President Jonathan Breen for diligent drainage work on NN.
The trail is washed away next to the beaver pond that is north of Taylor Lodge. The extensive ditching along the Nebraska Notch trail is filling in, though it looks like it is working for now.
Work crew: Paul Beliveau, Jonathan Breen, Dan Dickinson, John Sharp.