We met at Richmond park & ride and headed to the Bolton Nordic Center where we divided into three groups:

Long Trail: Raven’s Wind ski trail to Puffer Shelter
Extensive cutting and clearing of blowdowns, clipping back growth along the trail and some clearing of water bars (the drainages were mostly clear and in pretty good shape). Added a couple 8″ diameter logs from cutting a nearby blowdown to one boggy flat spot.

We ran into several snow patches both on and near the trail over Bolton. It was like a war zone. Seemed like there was another tree or broken off tree top every 500 feet. I lost track but would estimate that I had to cut 50-60 trees with the chainsaw. We probably had that many or more that had to be cut with a hand saw or simply dragged of the trail by hand as well.

The mess started just as we reached the LT at the top of Ravens Wind and continued all the way to Puffer. I pretty much just left the PPE on and hand carried the saw to the next down. We didn’t get back to the Bolton parking lot until 4:45 PM. Great work by the team as the trail went from the equivalent of a challenging bushwhack to a clean, clear trail.

There was a bad blowdown onto the boardwalk right next to Bryant Camp that we also took the time to clear on our way back.

Work Crew: Scott Albertson, Dan Dickinson, Ian Powsner, Rick Mincar.

Long Trail: Raven’s Wind ski trail to North Ridge ski trail
Cleared multiple small blowdowns – and 6 to 8 chainsaw cuts but none major. The saw should be quite sharp as we didn’t have to saw any major hardwoods. 

Similar to other section of the LT south of Bolton this area could use some stones placed / logs in the muddiest parts of the trail to discourage walk-arounds which are gradually becoming more prevalent.

Work crew: Ted Albers, Steve Titcomb, Laura Place, Phil Hazen.

Long Trail: North Ridge ski trail to Buchanan Lodge
We used the chainsaw 10 times to cut blowdowns, cleared a few drainages, did some clipping, and removed a lot of broken branches on the trail.

Work crew: David Hathaway, Nancy McClellan, Tim Welch.