One group got an early start from Bolton Valley, and the rest met at Richmond park & ride at 8:30 and split into two groups:

Long Trail: Puffer Shelter to beaver pond south of Taylor Lodge
Cleared fallen branches, limbs, and trees; clipped brush. Used the chainsaw 10 times. About half of the chainsaw work was to clear step-overs, but there were some more interesting problems, too, including a dead leaner that had landed nearly vertically right in the middle of the trail. We were able to cut it safely, then roll it off the nearby tree and remove it from the trail. Despite the dry weather, there are some muddy spots on the trail, between Mt Clark and Mt Mayo, and on the south side of Mt Mayo. Work crew: Scott Albertson, Paul Beliveau, Steve Titcomb.

Lake Mansfield Trail, Clara Bow, Long Trail from Clara Bow junction to Taylor Lodge
Basic waterbars and blow downs, all minor. Tons of clipping needed. Work crew: Mike Arthur, Tim Welsh, John Sharp, Phil Hazen, Ted Albers.

Hellbrook, Hellbrook Cutoff, Long Trail loop
Clipped, cleaned waterbars, cleared blowdowns on Hellbrook trail to the cutoff, and on Hellbrook Cutoff. About 9 or 10 uses of the chainsaw along those parts, spread out along all of it. Cleared handsaw sized blowdowns only on Hellbrook above the cutoff to approximately the Adam’s Apple junction. No blowdowns requiring a chainsaw noted along that section. Taft Lodge door latch was looked at as reports from last fall indicated door was not closing fully. Part of the metal latch was bent preventing easy door closure. The metal was bent back to be more flat and the door closure improved. LT back to Rte 108 we only moved or clipped significant items. 1-2 new blowdowns noted, but both were on the ground and an easy step over, not causing walk arounds, so they were left as we were tired. Rte 108 to Taft waterbars need clearing, some clipping could be done. Trail user reported a blowdown on the LT about .1 miles above Taft Lodge. We think it is a chainsaw item from speaking with the hiker. A few spots along the Hellbrook Cut off could use puncheon repairs, closer to the LT junction, probably about 4-5 sections of it. Or an alternative to deal with he mud. It was a long day up that steep trail. It was worth lugging the chainsaw as some of the blowdowns were causing people to walk around them. Our crew was surprisingly in good spirits even at the end of the day. Work crew: Jonathan Breen, Clayton Cameron, Laura Place, Ben Gordesky.