I had a few folks drop, so, anticipating some no shows, I opened the hike to everyone on the meetup waitlist. This could have meant 14 people on the hike, but only 4 of us showed up (3 met at 9 at the Cambridge park & ride, and one at 9:30 at Elmore State Park. It had been a while since I’d been there so had a few false starts getting to the trailhead parking, but by 9:50 we were headed up the Fire Tower Trail. The weather was clear, pleasant, and breezy enough to keep the bugs at bay. We reached the old ranger station foundation and overlook around 10:50, hung out there for a bit, then continued up over a short steep rocky section to reach the fire tower around 11:20. We heard some cheering along the way which we later heard was an engagement (proposal or celebration, not quite sure which). From there we headed north along the Ridge Trail, reaching Balancing Rock around noon, then continuing down past a weirdly branching birch tree and a beaver pond, and returned to the car around 1:45. Beautiful day, and a small but nice group. Participants: Jordan Mitchell, Juliet Barash, Carla Vandevalle, David Hathaway (leader).