We met at 8:30 at the Richmond park & ride and divided into three groups:

Long Trail, Duck Brook to Buchanan Lodge
We started up from West Bolton Notch around 9:05 and reached the Long Trail around 10. We left all the stuff on Duck Brook Trail, as Scott’s group was supposed to get that (and did, as we saw on our return). From there we headed north on the Long Trail, breaking out the chainsaw 7 times. Two were just encroaching a little on the side of the trail, and one was easy to get under with about 7 feet of clearance, but the other four needed to be removed. Of course there was clipping and water diversion to do. The trail was pretty dry, and most of the wet spots were undrainable sags, so there wasn’t much to do there. Nancy went ahead and down to Buchanan Lodge, meeting us at the junction around noon and reporting that there was no work for the rest of us, so we headed back and reached the cars around 1:30.We saw one small remaining patch of snow, a familiar vernal pool, and wildflowers (trillium, trout lily, Dutchman’s breeches, spring beauty, and yellow violets). Work crew: David Hathaway, Nancy McCLellan, Steve Titcomb, Lisa Hardy, Rob Gordon.

LT North from Route 2 to 0.5 mile past VAST trail
Cleared multiple downed trees, limbs, and other debris from the treadway. Used the chainsaw nine times, mostly on the flank of Stimson Mountain. Some minor clipping and drainage work. Many of the downed trees are sick beeches. The trail is very dry for this time of year, and we saw no snow at all. One before/after pair attached. Work crew: Ted Albers, Mike Arthur, Paul Beliveau, Dan Dickinson, Brian Schwartz.

Duck Brook Tr from Bolton Notch Rd to LT and LT south to 0.5 mile past VAST trail
Used the chain saw 6 times to clear blowdowns across the trail. Most were low and easy step overs but one was waist high, no major issues. Removed lots of blow down branches and clipped back hobblebush, etc. along trail. Cleared water bars and obstructed stream crossing areas as needed. Work crew: Scott Albertson, Laura Place, John Sharp, Phil Hazen, John Blakewell.