We 5 intrepid souls (10 soles ) braved a steady drizzle to observe the following wildflowers:

Bellwort, Columbine, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Trillium (red , white, and painted), Hepatica, Violets, Blood Root, Foamflower, Trout Lily, Adders Tongue,

Historically , this Spring flower walk was always lead by Sheri Larsen – awesome photographer and wildflower expert ….so when I saw that she had not signed up to lead this , I signed up with a bit of reluctance …..ultimately to learn that she & Rich were travelling in France, so I felt totally relieved. Other than getting a bit damp that day , we all resolved that we had a fun and worthwhile “walk in the park.” Cindy and Monica were especially lively and enthusiastic and provided great ID’s on a few of the less common species.

Participants: Fred Royce, Monica Sargent, Cindy Wolkin, Deb Lane, Pete Saile (Trip leader).