In the floods last July one of the stiles on the Long Trail over the electric fences in Richmond floated away. This part of the trail is maintained by the Montpelier Section, but they were busy shoring up Bamforth Ridge Shelter, so we were asked if we could help, so we got lumber and built a replacement last August. All done, right?

Well… in the December floods the new stile floated away. Since we were now experienced stile builders, we were asked to help again. So four of us went back to Richmond and built another replacement stile. We will be anchoring this one into the ground soon, so that we don’t have to go back again for round three. Since the trail has been closed, the weeds are very tall, so some weed cutting will be needed before the trail is easy to use (and find) again. Work crew: David Hathaway, Paul Beliveau, Scott Albertson, Ted Albers.