The weather forecast was questionable, and four people dropped out and another two were no shows. But four of us met at 10 AM the Colchester park & ride near the I89 Sandbar exit and took one care to the Henry Road trailhead. It was cool (around 60 F) and overcast but dry as we started up the Hoyt Lookout trail around 10:30. We took the Mountaintop trail to the summit, then descended to the Hoyt Lookout, which is the only place to get a view out over Lake Champlain. We then continued down the Hoyt Lookout trail and around the Wildflower trail loop. It was a bit late for wildflowers, though we saw one which none of us could identify. The trail had one wet spot that required careful navigation over stepping stones to keep our feet dry. We then rejoined the Hoyt Lookout trail and returned to the car. Our timing was perfect, as rain started up just as the parking area came into sight around noon. Participants: Jim Bronson, Irene, Fred Royce, David Hathaway (leader).