This hike was re-scheduled due to inclement weather. Eight of us met at 7:00 AM in the Underhill Historical Society parking lot to carpool up to the Butler Lodge trailhead. After introductions were made, we departed around 7:30 AM with sunny skies and a comfortable temperature of ~ 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We set off up the Butler Lodge trail to Butler Lodge where we stopped for a quick snack and water break. We descended up the Wampahoofus trail and connected with the top portion of the Maple Ridge trail. We stopped at the Forehead for another quick break and met a Long Trail through hiker. We continued along the Long Trail towards the Nose and visited the information center for a restroom break. We continued along the Long Trail reaching the summit of Mansfield. We had great views on account of the clear and sunny day. We descended to the Adam’s Apple via the Long Trail and were greeted with some of the best views of the day. We re-ascended the way we came and continued along the Long Trail intending to take the Canyon trail. We passed it and Jill George kindly corrected me on the location of the trailhead for Canyon (I confused the Canyon trailhead with Subway!). Canyon was a blast and a real thrill and pushed everyone to their limits in a good way! We continued to Lakeview where we experienced two delays. The first delay was a minor injury that looked far worse than it was. One of the members knocked their head on a pointy rock. The sound of the head bump sounded horrifying and there was a lot of blood, but the cut was not deep and could be covered up with large Band-Aids after soaking up the blood with gauze. The member felt okay to continue the hike and followed up after the hike that they were okay. I am glad I brought my first aid kit with me. The second delay was a particularly challenging scramble. The rock was too slick to get a good foothold. After multiple minutes we found a way to get up by practically climbing a tree. In total, Canyon and Lakeview took ~2 hours to complete. The original plan was to take Teardrop on the way down which would require an ascent back up a portion of Maple Ridge. We decided to forgo Teardrop and instead took Maple Ridge down to Frost all the way back down to the parking lot. We made it back to the parking lot around 5:00 pm, having covered 11.3 miles with 4100 ft of elevation gain. Trails were in great condition. Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader), Jill George, Julie, Nancy K, Liana Edwards, Marta, Xu Zhou, and Brian.