We met at the Cambridge park & ride at 9 AM and took two cars to the trailhead at the end of Codding Hollow Road. It was foggy and cloudy as we drove through Waterville, but we rose out of the clouds into blue skies as we drove up Codding Hollow Road. The weather was perfect, with a nice breeze and temperatures in the 60s F. We started up the trail around 9:30. There is a spot on the trail where one has to descend to the left off the straight gradual climb to cross a stream where people often get lost, and our group was no exception. We’d sort of split into a faster lead group and a slower group I was in. When we crossed the stream we looked back to see the other group coming back to find where they’d missed the turn. After that everyone managed to stay on the trail. We reached the base of the overhanging rock walls around 10:50, and there was lots of water dripping from the spot where the largest ice columns form in winter (see them here). Otherwise the trail was not as wet as I’d thought it might be given all the recent rain. As we walked along the rock wall we met the “Grand Mudders,” two women who had previously hiked the AT and were on the last legs of an LT section hike. We reached the lookout around 11:40 and hung around for a bit to have lunch, then headed back down, reaching the cars around 1:15. Participants: Helena Nicolay, Mike Arthur, Greg Bostock, Marta Parys, Nancy K., Xu Zhou, Rob Gordon, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: David & Helena.