This hike had been rescheduled due to inclement weather and flooding. There were two people signed up for the hike: Jill George and a new member named Morgan. Morgan did not show up, but Jill was waiting at the Appalachian Trailhead parking lot off route 4. It was ~ 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Beautiful weather! The two of us departed from the parking lot at 7:45 AM taking the Sherburne Pass Trail. At 1 hr 45 min, we reached the summit of Pico via the Pico Link trail. The hut at the base of the Pico Link trail was open, after it had been closed reportedly due to someone squatting there for months. The views from Pico were very nice, and included an undercast and we thought we could see Camel’s Hump and Mansfield! We continued down the same way, taking the Sherburne pass trail to the Jungle Junction and onward to Killington peak. Most of the hike was mellow with easy gradients, but the last 0.25 miles near the summit of Killington was quite steep and featured some 60% gradients which required scrambling. We made it to the summit of Killington right around lunch time. Again beautiful views were present on the summit when you could look past the cell tower. We stopped to have a quick lunch, and headed back down the way we came. On the descent we met up with a Ridge Runner from the GMC named E.Z. who was from North Carolina and had a nice chat with him. We made it back to the parking lot around 4 pm, having covered 12.5 miles with 3000 ft of elevation gain. Trails were in good condition. Participants: Michael J. Mortelliti (leader) and Jill George.