Three adults and three children started this short hike at 10:15am. We ambled across the field
and stopped to watch two slugs enjoy their own hike just as the forest enfolded the field. We
left the slugs undeterred and started a gentle climb. Marie, aged 8, had a map of the park and
led the group through two intersections to the summit. Aidan, aged 3, found every blaze and
kept the group on track. There was a rocky section on the Mountaintop Trail south of the
summit that was tricky for little legs and required help from a strong adult. The group took a
snack break off the short climb to the Hoyt Lookout. Refreshed, we continued to the lookout
and enjoyed a clear view of Lake Champlain and many of the islands. We took our time enjoying
the view and many enjoyed another snack.
Aidan particularly enjoyed the yellow blazes so the group decided to return via the yellow trail.
This shortened the planned hike but allowed for a double summit. Each child enjoyed the sense
of accomplishment of climbing on the pile of rocks at the summit and being at the top. This trail
closely resembles the rocky and rooty experience of the long tail and gives the satisfaction of a
summit while being easily accessible for families and a short duration for little legs. We also
noticed many long, brown centipede like bugs on the descent that warranted a long
examination. Everyone had a different guess for exactly how many legs these bugs had.
Madeline, aged 3 months, woke without complaint just as the group reentered the field for the
final push to the parking lot. All participants expressed enjoyed on this hike.
Corinn Julow, leader