Aeolus View Camp
Aeolus View Camp

This shelter was built in 1922 on Bondville Road, present day route 30, near the intersection with route 11, east of Manchester. It was maintained by the Green Mountain Club and featured bunks for twenty to twenty-four persons. The most notable feature of this shelter was its commanding view of Mount Aeolus near Manchester.

A year after it was built, the roof of the cabin was blown away and a new one put on.

This shelter was one of the earliest lost to trail relocation. When the Long Trail was rerouted to a ridge further west.   The last mention of this shelter was in 1932.  According to a report in the Long Trail News “two scouts were sent from the Winooski river to Camp Aeolus, reports were made which were sent to the New York, Middlebury, Proctor and Killington Sections, which promptly took care of the work needed to be done.”

View of Mt Aeolus near Manchester Vermont
View of Mount Aeolus Near Manchester Vermont

Detail from O'Kane's 1926 map showing the location of Aeolus Camp
Detail from O’Kane’s 1926 map showing the location of Aeolus Camp

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