The scheduled first day hike got delayed a day due to the rain forecast, but eight of us met the next day at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot, and took three cars up to the trailhead. The road was muddy (no snow or ice) and not too soft. It was cloudy and around freezing as we started up around 9:25. There was some snow and ice on the road from the parking lot to the start of the Butler Lodge Trail, but the first half of the trail was mostly just muddy (not deep enough to be of concern for erosion) and rocky. We saw a couple blowdowns from the recent winds that will need a trail work trip to remove. About halfway up the ice and snow started, and from the spot where the wooden steps are anchored into the rock onward the ice became significant, and the last holdouts donned microspikes. We reached Butler Lodge around 11 after passing a couple folks coming down from having spent the night there. We spent about 20 minutes hanging out and having lunch, then headed back down the trail to reach the cars around 1. A nice first hike of the year with a nice group. Participants: Loren Tindall, Helena Nicolay, Chris Lovett, Amy Poor, Dale Schmit, Fred Pond, Tatyana Bondar, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: David, Dale, Helena.