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Burlington Section Annual Meeting: Saturday January 28th 2017

The Burlington Section’s annual meeting will be on Saturday evening, January 28th, 2017. Save the date! Details are here: Continue reading

Winter 2016-2017 Ridge Lines Newsletter in PDF

The winter issue of Ridgelines is here. (note the cost for the Saturday January 28th 2017 Burlington Section Annual Meeting is $8, not $10. My bad! Ted)
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Trip Reports September – December 2014 (Updated 12/30/14)

12/28/2014 – Mount Hunger / Colchester Causeway
The hike was scheduled for Mount Hunger.  The forecast was that the rain would be light and would end before dawn.  Continue reading

Cheryl Frank, Long Trail End to End Report, Summer, 2000

Cheryl Frank, Long Trail End to End Report- July 17th – August 8, 2000 Continue reading

See GMC Flickr Site for Unique Moments in History

A new Flickr page highlights unique and interesting moments in the Club’s history. A Flickr page is an inviting platform that encourages visitors to comment on the postings and allows for increased accessibility to proud moments, interesting stories, and noteworthy people and events related to the Green Mountain Club. Photo Robert L. Coffin.Long Trail sign