The boardwalk across wetlands at the start of the trail is closed and being rebuilt. Actually, it look like it is nearly finished. It is wider and no longer has […]
We took the boardwalk across the swamp from the parking lot, and used the well-marked Nature Conservancy trail. The weather was excellent with great views along the ridge. A few […]
We took the ferry across Lake Champlain from Charlotte to Essex at 9am under heavy fog. We took the Wildway Overlook trail to the summit ridge of South Boquet. There […]
From the parking area at Niquette Bay State Park we made a loop going down the Ledges trail and returning by the Allen trail. Wild flowers were still abundant, but […]
Although a number of people expressed interest in the trip on Sunday, in the end only one person came. This was a low elevation hike for mud season, but some […]