We had a nice hike in perfect very warm weather, with a good view and lots of wildflowers although not the variety seen on the Niquette Park the day before. […]
Perfect weather. Nice hike. 6 people participated: Carol Hignite, Barbara Wynroath, Linda Patterson, Kevin Kelley, Martin, and trip leader Dot Myer.
The June 27 hike scheduled for Abbey Pond was changed to Montclair Glen and Beaver Ponds due to the possibility of Abbey Pond Trail being closed. The weather was fairly […]
Trip Leader: Dot Myer, with Barbara Wanner We had very good weather and lots of wildflowers. Especially there were huge patches of large white trillium’s all the way up the […]
We ennjoyed this short, slow hike. We went up and back down by the “road” rather than the trail under the pipeline. There was ice on the trail in places, […]
Six participants, plus a dog. The trail was well packed. The day was warm and even a little sunny, but not warm enough to be sticky. It was so well […]
It was 1978. We were rebuilding Taylor Lodge, which had burned down the year before.
One winter the Burlington section decided to build an igloo and camp in it.
The highest mountain may not necessarily be the hardest. My winter hiking partner Ralph Gibbs and I made seven attempts before we reached the summit of Nye, one of the […]
We had beautiful weather and a trail packed so hard we didn’t need snowshoes all the way to the beaver pond. Just beyond there there was little packing and I […]
The morning started off snowy, but all the cars made it up the steep road to the trail head. As soon as we stopped Nitika was in heaven running, rolling, […]
The day started cold but clear with a nice hike up to the old foundation with a beautiful view of Lake Elmore. We stopped for pictures and snacks before starting […]