In This Issue: The Shelter issue, A Conversation with Caretakers Annaliese and Kelly, Memories from Bolton Lodge
In This Issue: Meet a Caretaker, A Brief History of Vermont’s Alpine Summits, A Message from Phil Hazen
In This Issue: Spring Trail Work, Annual Meeting, Sharing Vermont's Moutnains and Lakes with Wild Critters, Memories of Gardiner Lane, Comittee Reports
In This Issue: Great Little Hikes Right Near Town, More on Answering Nature's Call, When You're Out Enjoying Nature Four Great Opportunities Hiking During Hunting Season The Wampahoofus: A Sad Evolutionary Tale
The recent rains made for great waterfalls. Gill Brook put on a real show with waterfalls, cascades, and rushing white water all the way alongside the trail. Although the gatekeeper […]
In This Issue: Triumph Comes in Many Flavors, Trail Food Recipe: Congo Bars Comittee Reports
In This Issue: Long Trail Hiking Has its Ups and Downs, Membership Phone-a-Thon, Annual Meeting and Dinner
In This Issue: Leg Stretchers and Loose Connections, Light Turn-out, Trails in Good Shape, Why I Went Solo, Trip Leader Orientation, Meet Liz Moloff, Map and Compass, Deb Brown: Portrait of a Hiker