Removed a blow down about 0.1 mile from Needle’s Eye, which had been reported in late winter. We also removed some smaller stuff nearby. Participants: Paul Beliveau, John Sharp.
We met at the Stevensville trailhead at 9 AM. David was taking his new electric chainsaw and chainsaw chaps for a trial run, and John was along for safety and […]
An impromptu trip to clear some blowdowns we’d seen on our 12/8 trip. John Sharp had left one of the section chainsaws and packs with me after that trip, and […]
We got reports of a blowdown high up on Laura Cowles Trail, and John Sharp remembered seeing three others on Halfway House, so John Sharp and David Hathaway met at […]
Group 1: Scott Albertson, Steve Titcomb, Lisa Hardy, Phil Hazen We started our day leaving at the Lake Mansfield Trout Brook Club at about 9:30 AM, travelling up the Lake […]
We met at Richmond park/ride around 8:30 and broke into 3 groups. Group 1: Ted Albers, Scott Albertson, Mike Authur and Hope Crifo went to Jonesville and cleared the Duckbrook […]
A work crew of 15 assembled and split into four teams, led by Pam, John, Ted, and Jeffrey. John Sharp took a group of 4 and the old club chainsaw […]
On Saturday I led Lisa Hardi, Jeffery Trubisz and Max Seaton up the ski trails to Eagles landing and then south to the Buchanan shelter trail junction. There were number […]