All enjoyed a beautiful day great views of Mad River, Lunch at the Theron Dean Shelter. Photo taken by Lisa. Attendees Maggie King, Lisa Blmhagen, Katy Wrigley and Lee Wrigley.
All enjoyed a hike up to Montclair Glen Lodge then onward to Mt.Ethan Allen. Trip Leader Lee Wrigley Attendees, Katy Wrigley, Rob Selvaggi, Lee Carvalho, Robin Moore, Barb Johnson, Ormond […]
All but one canceled out because of heavy rain. The hike up to the Theron Dean Shelter was great dry trail nice weather nice views. When I arrived at the […]
The weather reports at first indicated that it was going to be a great day for a hike – then they changed to ‘maybe 1 PM thunderstorms’ – then on […]
We had a beautiful day up to the Forehead and down the long trail. A brief stop at Buttler lodge on the way down. Many views however Scott’s dog did […]
We all hiked up to the small but private summit, stopping along the way so Mary could take pictures of the many wild flowers. Great weather fun hike. Attendees: Rob […]
Saturday was a beautiful day for a hike. Sunny and warm for October. Some participants were fast and some moderate, but it all worked out and everyone had a good […]
All went well until we arrived just below the Chin. Thunder light and very large hail stones. We had to go back to shelter and wait the storm out. After […]
The group enjoyed a pleasant hike to Mt. Ethan Allen, the view was limited that day but we all enjoyed lunch at the sumit then back down to Montclair Glen […]
Nice hike many clouds. Trip leader Lee Wrigley Joanne Mellin, Mark Smith, Wes Velk, Rob Selvaggi, Jean Cannon.
A break from the ugly weather provided for a very nice hike. Group gelled well. Frost – Maple Ridge – Wampahoofus – Butler. Lee Wrigley, Katy Wrigley, Jeff Clements, Ruth […]