See trip leader, Maeve Kim’s blog posting for a report and pictures.
A forecast of thunder and an 80% chance of rain resulted in a move of the birding walk from Sunday 9/13 to the day before. Unfortunately, two people who’d signed […]
Eight of us showed up before 7AM to look for birds at Woodside Natural Area in Essex Junction – and we were well rewarded. The mile-long loop took us over […]
A late winter/early spring bird walk was scheduled for March 23 – but nature decided March 23 counted as mid-winter. Faced with ice, sleet, snow and howling winds, the leader […]
Last year’s Snow Goose trip turned into a sparrow walk because the geese had decided to hang out in NY rather than VT. This year we got lucky! The planned […]
An odd thing happened with the May 29 Sounds of Spring nature walk: it grew into three walks, none of which took place on May 29.(That turned out to be […]
The Columbus Day bird walk was supposed to be a Snow Goose Extravaganza – but the annual visit by thousands of Snow Geese is late this year. Trip leader Maeve […]
The 5/15 GMC bird walk had to be postponed because – no surprise this spring! – it was pouring rain. On 5/22, five of us walked the trails at Crane […]
Six of us went to the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison to search for snow geese. We were very lucky! A large flock came in just as we […]
Nine of us met for a GMC bird walk on a cold but beautiful Easter morning. A report of bald eagles at Basin Harbor led us to abandon our original […]
We took a road walk in the Kingsland Bay area. We went looking for over-wintering birds, but mild temperatures and three days of south winds must have convinced them to […]
The trip took place as planned. It was drizzling a bit at the beginning but cleared up nicely. The participants walked the trails at Mud Pond in Williston. Surprisingly, there […]