Up north in the township of Lowell,Mount Belvidere’s summit our goal.Six hikers were we,Just happy to be.The mountains are good for the soul. Photos: Mary Lou & Nina Meledrandri
Full moon in Mount Philo State Park.Twelve hikers, we reached the benchmark.The moon did not showAbove Mount Philo.Alas, we were left in the dark. Leader and poet: Mary Lou Recor
One Sunday, we climbed Butternut-ty.The trail was not very muddy.Our party of tencame down at the endwith faces all smiley and ruddy.A gorgeous day and a wonderful group. Trip leader […]
Mud season is best for bi-king. We start from Vergennes every spring. Raining on Sunday. Changed it to Monday. Five retirees out for a fling.  Poet and trip leader: Mary Lou Recor
For the ski trip to Beaver Meadow, We had six new inches of snow. But t'was only me Who wanted to ski So, I cancelled the outing, hi ho. Mary […]
A Cold Weather Limerick Eight set out to climb Belvidere. Decked out in our fine winter gear. 'Twas fifteen below. But you'd never know. Determined, we did persevere. Trip leader […]
Our party of five On the ferry to New York Dogwood Bakery. Trip leader & poet Mary Lou Recor
In Vergennes we did originate.Started as seven, then became eight.The weather was chillIn early Apr-ill.No rain, no rain. It must have been fate. Poet and trip leader: Mary Lou Recor
I wanted to climb Hurricane,But the forecast was calling for rain.What with global warming,We’ll see more storming,Which surely will drive me insane.Total participants: 0, including me. Mary Lou Recor, poet […]
You won’t find this outing on “Meet-up.”For the bushes did get us all beat up.It’s hard to say whyWhen we could just lieAt home on the couch with our feet […]
To the top of old Ethan we go-va.The ridge under four feet of snow-va.All seven of us,To the summit or bust,In the name of the great Jehovah. Trip leader & […]
In all its splendor before us, Stood the enchanting Mount Norris. We were but seven, On our bit of heaven. The view from the top is just glor’ous. Trip leader […]